Ashlee & Brian’s Elopement in Lake Louise

The only guests at Ashlee and Brian’s destination wedding were glacier-capped mountains, turquoise lakes, and two Manns. What a beautiful honour it was to be the only human witnesses to this private little elopement in the Canadian Rockies. When we first met Ashlee and Brian, just before their intimate little ceremony, we were strangers. When we said good bye after a few portraits, we felt like friends. Ashlee and Brian, it was a humbling honour to be trusted with┬áthe duty of showing all your friends and family that you really did get married (and in one of the most spectacular places on the planet, no less). Here are our 10 favourites…

  • ashley-brian-two-mann-lake-louise-wedding-01
  • ashley-brian-two-mann-lake-louise-wedding-02
  • ashley-brian-two-mann-lake-louise-wedding-03
  • ashley-brian-two-mann-lake-louise-wedding-04
  • ashley-brian-two-mann-lake-louise-wedding-05
  • ashley-brian-two-mann-lake-louise-wedding-06
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