Cait + Vince’s Canmore Wedding Photography

We had an absolute blast photographing Cait & Vince’s Canmore wedding. From the moment we first met them, we felt as though we were the perfect fit for them.  Cait and Vince are both genuine characters, who live their life to the fullest. As avid outdoor athletes, they take advantage of any and all opportunities to be outdoors in the mountains. This was never more apparent with Vince than the morning of his wedding. In true Vince style, he (and the rest of his groomsmen) decided to scramble up Ha Ling Peak. This was followed by a polar bear dip into Spray Lakes Reservoir, which was still iced over in places (it was the end of April). This, in his mind, negated the need to shower. They showed up at The Paint Box Lodge, 8 minutes before he had to be dressed and ready to go to the church. I think Vince will forever hold the record for getting ready the fastest. I was so impressed with what Lanny was able to capture of Vince’s whirlwind transformation from hiker to groom. Meanwhile, I was hanging out with Cait and the gals, whose getting ready process was peaceful, calm and took place over a few hours.

The rest of the day went off without a hitch, thanks to wedding coordination and design by happy-go-lucky wedding enthusiast, Callandra Caufield of Cherry Tree Occassions.  There were lots of wonderful little details to make their day uniquely Cait and Vince. My favourite detail however, was the deluctable pies they served in lieu of a traditional wedding cake. If you ever have the chance to go to the Cadence Coffee Shop in Bowness, I highly recommend you try the pecan pie. Cait and Vince have pie tasted all over the province of Alberta, in a quest for the best pies for their wedding.

Cait and Vince, thank you so much for the laughs and smiles. Lanny and I had a wonderful time being part of your wedding day.



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