Jessica and Conan’s Mount Norquay Wedding Photography

We fist met Jess and Conan over tea, last summer, at our favourite coffee shop, Communitea Cafe. We knew right away that we were the right fit. Jess and Conan are the epitome of an easy going couple. For instance, it wasn’t until half way through their wedding day that we were informed we were pronouncing Conan’s name wrong. The way these two interact with each other is so cute and endearing. They gave Lanny and I full creative license to do as we please, which at times, involved conspicuously photographing up skirts. One of the images below may shed light into the mystery as to whether or not men wear underwear beneath their kilts. However, some images within Jess and Conan’s private gallery may suggest differently. Jess and Conan, thank you so much for letting Lanny and I share in your special day.

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