ALANA + SHAWN’s Caribbean Wedding Photos from Exuma Bay, Bahamas

Okay. Here it is. The wedding event of Alana and Shawn’s life! And one that Lanny and I will not soon forget. Make that, never forget.

When we first met Alana and Shawn one month before their wedding for their engagement session in Canmore, AB, it was under much different skies. They had drove 800 km across the Canadian prairies to meet us and have some fun in front of our cameras. Unfortunately, their arrival in Canmore coincided with the arrival of a nasty wind from the north and pouring rain so cold it was almost snow! So we spent most of the evening at one of our favourite restaurants, sipping sangria and dreaming about their wedding in the Bahamas.

And it was just that… a dream. Palm trees. Hot sun. White sand. Turquoise waters. Mojitos and Pina Coladas. But more importantly than all that, it was filled with such a beautiful energy. All their wonderful friends and family welcomed us into their celebration so openly and lovingly. Apart from the cameras in our hands, we felt just like guests at their wedding. The week was filled with golf, body surfing, spectacular food, dramatic sunsets and so many laughs. One of the many highlights was an adventurous boat trip that we took out to the Exuma Cays, an archipelago of 365 tiny islands and cays. It was a surreal experience to be hanging out on a remote sandbar in the middle of the Carribean Sea, surrounded by shallow turquoise green waters teaming with marine life (including the odd shark). It was pure and utter paradise. The journey back to the mainland was no less exhilarating. The sky morphed from a brilliant cyan colour to pitch black within 30 minutes and long before we were back to shore. The approaching storm and massive ocean swells, made for a harrowing journey. I thought I was crazy for envisioning us having to spend the night at sea, mentally creating emergency action plans in my head. But, once we were safely back on shore, it turns out that everyone else had been thinking the same thing. We are so happy that Alana and Shawn were game for this experience and decided to bring us along.

Alana and Shawn. There is so much beauty in your love for each other, for life, and for the people you care about. We’re so happy to have met you and shared in this experience with you. And we’re so happy to now call you our friends. Thank you for trusting us to tell the story of your incredible wedding adventure!

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