MALORI + GEOFF’s Winter Wedding Photos from the Canadian Rockies

Malori and Geoff are one crazy-cool couple. So crazy-cool, if fact, that they chose to have their Canadian mountain wedding right smack dab in the middle the coldest winter we’ve ever seen. It’s funny, because we first met Malori and Geoff while shooting Jill and Ian’s wedding in the depths of the previous winter… even further north!? After a beautiful little ceremony in the cutest little church in Canmore, we all headed out into the glorious, albeit freezing cold, surroundings. The cold temperatures were one thing for us in our puffy jackets and Geoff in his long sleeve shirt and tux jacket. It was an entirely different matter for Malori, in her beautiful, strapless wedding dress. She was absolutely hardcore… braving the searing December winds and lighting up our cameras with radiant laughter. Malori & Geoff and all their friends & family were just so much fun to hang out with, we literally forgot how damn cold it was. Eventually, once we could no longer feel our toes, we headed into the warm and comforting Cornerstone Theatre for heart-felt speeches, homemade desserts, and a party to rock the ages. There’s something about these freezing cold Canadian weddings that seem to bring out the best parties. Thank you Malori and Geoff for welcoming us so warmly into your beautiful wedding celebration. Here’s a little sprinkling of our favourite images from the day.


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