Tara & Kevin’s St. Lucia Wedding Photos – Viewer Discretion Advised

Just the thought of Kevin and Tara’s St. Lucia wedding instantly puts a smile upon my face. Seriously, I can’t even say (or type) their names without a huge grin from ear to ear. There were so many points during their day where Lanny and I found ourselves hiding behind our lenses in uncontrollable fits of laughter. Lanny coined it perfectly the morning after their wedding when he said, “You can’t make that shit up!” From the sunset ceremony on the beach, to the heartfelt vows, to the beautiful orchid placed on a front row seat to represent Tara’s mother. From kite surfing in the morning, to crowd surfing at night… in the pool… in her wedding dress! From the first dance in the rain, to the surprise strip dance in tuxedo speedo G-strings (viewer discretion is advised). The day was a roller coaster of emotions, filled with so many unforgettable memories. These two love birds and their friends epitomize the word fun and make wedding photojournalism an absolutely kick ass job. Thank you, Kevin and Tara!

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