I’m not going to lie, we were scared shitless about photographing Dave and Quin. Not only are they two of the most creative wedding photographers on the planet, but we were shooting them in front of 8 other professional photographers. Why would we do this to ourselves, you ask? As part of our Balls Out Workshop, we preform a live shooting demo. Lanny decided we “work better under pressure” and “outside our comfort zone,” so he asked Dave and Quin to come along and be our ‘models.’ We had heard a lot about Dave and Quin, and use their Motibodo software on a daily basis, but had never actually had the chance to hang out with them in person (despite living only an hour away). Fortunately for us, they happen to be two of the most fun loving people we have ever met. We were immediately put at ease within their presence and, what was at first naively intimidating, turned into 2 hours of laughter and play. Thank you so much Dave and Quin! We’re looking forward to hanging out again sometime soon, sans cameras.

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