Chantel and Steve are a little bit crazy! But, crazy in a good way. Crazy enough to meet us between 1 and 3 AM for their engagement shoot, beneath the aurora borealis. Crazy enough to hold their winter wedding outdoors in frigid temperatures. And, crazy enough to head outside for portraits, with bare arms. Chantel and Steve have the perfect amount of crazy, which is exactly what we look for in our ideal clients. They’re also a ton of fun, overwhelmingly thoughtful and welcoming. Surrounded by the warm love of their friends and family, they tied the knot (figuratively and literally) on the deck of Canmore’s Iron Goat. We knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that their wedding was going to be an awesome party. More craziness, and more amazing fun! Killer music, crazy costumed dancing, and a shotski kept that party rocking into the wee hours of the morning. Thank you Chantel and Steve for allowing us to be part of the craziness and thanks to our pal Krystal Boyd for helping us out for the day.Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_01

Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_07Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_02Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_06Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_03Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_04C&S_121_FINAL2Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_11Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_12Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_14Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_13Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_15 Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_16Canmore_Iron_Goat_18Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_20Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_19Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_21 Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_23Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_26Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_24Canmore_Iron_Goat_27Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_29 Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_33 Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_34 Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_35Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_38 Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_37Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_39 Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_41 Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_42 Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_43 Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_44 Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_45 Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_46Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_48Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_25Canmore_Iron_Goat_Wedding_49

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