Daniella and Tim’s Canmore Wedding

Daniella and Tim’s Silvertip wedding was full of love, kids, moments and absolute chaos. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding, knows just how overwhelming it can be, especially the day of. Well, Daniella planned a wedding while managing her two young and very adorable sons. Having your 1 year old and 2 year old at your wedding brings it’s own set of challenges, but Daniella and Tim took it all in stride. I believe their ceremony was scheduled around ‘nap-time’ and their first kiss as a married couple was shared with Henry balanced on Tim’s left hip. At one point during the ceremony, Henry tripped and fell, which resulted in some dramatic tears and he was inconsolable without his John Deer tractor. These are the moments we love to be there to capture on a wedding day. The “imperfections” on a wedding are what make it real and beautiful. Daniella and Tim’s wedding day was full of these little “imperfections,” but that’s what made it so perfect.

Canmore_Wedding_01 Canmore_Wedding_02 Canmore_Wedding_03 Canmore_Wedding_04 Canmore_Wedding_05 Canmore_Wedding_06 Canmore_Wedding_07 Canmore_Wedding_08 Canmore_Wedding_09 Canmore_Wedding_10 Canmore_Wedding_11Canmore_Wedding_12Canmore_Wedding_13 Canmore_Wedding_14Canmore_Wedding_17Canmore_Wedding_15 Canmore_Wedding_16Canmore_Wedding_18Canmore_Wedding_21Canmore_Wedding_19 Canmore_Wedding_20Canmore_Wedding_22 Canmore_Wedding_23Canmore_Wedding_25 Canmore_Wedding_26 Canmore_Wedding_27Canmore_Wedding_29Canmore_Wedding_28Canmore_Wedding_31Canmore_Wedding_30Canmore_Wedding_32 Canmore_Wedding_33 Canmore_Wedding_34 Canmore_Wedding_35Canmore_Wedding_37 Canmore_Wedding_38Canmore_Wedding_39

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