ANNE-MARIE + KOVID’s Wedding at Teatro Restaurant

Oh man…. where to even start with Anne-Marie and Kovid? Our love for them stems right back to our very first meeting at Good Earth cafe in Calgary. Kovid asked us, “If you could choose any location or venue in the world to shoot a wedding, where would it be?” We thought about the question long and hard and came to the conclusion that it’s an impossible question to answer. We thought about shooting by turquoise waters in the Bahamas, in a palace in Malta, on a vineyard in Tuscany. But the truth is, those aren’t the details that make a wedding special or memorable. Nor are the flowers or the decor or the music. What truly ‘makes’ a wedding, is the the people and the energy. Everything else pales in comparison. So that was the gist of our answer to Kovid’s question. Kovid got a little teary eyed when we said this, and we immediately knew that we were a perfect fit. Photographing Anne-Marie and Kovid’s wedding was like hanging out with old friends. It was relaxed, simple and, at times, utterly crazy. The energy and enthusiasm of everyone present made it an absolute joy to capture on every level. Thank you Anne-Marie and Kovid. We love you guys!

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