Charlotte + Jamie’s Wedding | United Kingdom

Shooting weddings can be nerve wracking. Flying half way across the world to do so, even more so… especially when your groom happens to be an internationally award-winning wedding photographer! Seriously, Jamie Bott’s photography is the real deal. So no pressure…

And no sun! Charlotte (a talented wedding hair stylist) and Jamie chose a date for their wedding during their quiet seasons (when few choose to get married for climatic reasons). Apparently, February in the United Kingdom means clouds and rain! But no amount of sogginess was any match for the warmth and love and smiles that permeated every last person at their wedding. And we were welcomed right into it all with open arms.

It all went down at the Highbullen Hotel in Devonshire. Amid clouds and rain, the day was beautiful and exciting… brimming with sweet emotion, utter chaos, and hilarious speeches. And then things got crazy! The Dukes of Havok took to the stage and the rest can only be described in photos.

Here is a tiny taste of Charlotte and Jamie’s unforgettable wedding. Thank you to the hugely talented Jon Mold for joining our team for this one. And thank you, Charlotte and Jamie, for trusting us with your memories!

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