Jess + Aaron’s Wedding | St. Thomas, Ontario

About 5 years ago, we received a beautifully sweet message from a complete stranger named Jess. She wrote about our work and the way it resonated with her, in ways that filled us with pride and gratitude. And she wrote about her conviction that one day, when she marries the boy of her dreams, we’d be there to photograph it. Needless to say, Jess made us smile that day.

Flash forward 4 years… we receive a very enthusiastic wedding inquiry for St. Thomas, Ontario. We respond, but don’t hear back for a couple days. When we do, our hearts are ripped wide open by a girl names Jess, grappling with the realization that she can’t possibly afford something she’s been dreaming about for 4 years. Somehow, ‘disappointment’ would be insufficient in describing Jess’s reaction. She’s gutted… and thereupon, so are we.

Over the course of the following year, however, Jess & Aaron (and their awesome families) embarked on a monumental DIY wedding planning extravaganza! What these 2 families came together to pull off, with limited resources, is nothing short of extraordinary. They found a way to pull off Jess & Aaron’s dream of a beautiful wedding celebration, surrounded by family, friends and nature. And, just the way Jess had envisioned 4 years earlier, we were there to document it all. The concessions that were made in order for that to happen, fills our heart with gratitude and humility. It’s a trust that will forever inspire what we do.

As for the wedding… it was perfectly imperfect in every way! Jess started her day with a brisk morning run while Aaron and the boys hit the golf course for a morning round, complete with cigars and beers… all before breakfast. Then, against all odds, and just as Jess had always dreamed, her grandpa was able to drive her to the ceremony in his old Cadillac. It was beautiful and perfect. The setting for the rest of the day and through the night was at The Clearing in the middle of a magical forest. We’ll let their photos say the rest. But needless to say, Jess & Aaron (and all their friends and family) made us smile that day too.

Our relationship with Jess has now come full circle, as we’ve just hired her as our brand new Studio Manager/Client Experience Coordinator! We couldn’t be any more excited.

Thank you Jess, for coming into our lives… and for bringing Aaron and your beautiful parents along with you. We love you guys!

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