Manns in Cottage Country

Every summer, we spend one incredible week at our family’s cottage in Ontario. Here is an attempt to capture the feeling of this experience in photos (by Erika) and words (by Madelyn & Timmy)…

Skinny Dipping by Madelyn Mann

I feel happy and warm when i go skinny dipping at the cottage.

I feel warm on the inside but cool on the outside.

My skin is covered in goose bumps.

I like skinny dipping because when I have a swim suit on it takes away the feeling of the cool water on my warm skin.

When I jump in the water my skin goes from warm and dry to cool and wet .

My favourite time to go skinny dipping is at dusk, right before bed, because it is calm and peaceful.

Sometimes you can hear the beautiful call of the loon.

When I go to bed I can still hear the loons call echoing in my head.

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Cottage by Timmy Mann

The cottage is big and has a big lake to swim in. We have a special camp called Cousin Camp Crew. We catch frogs near the lake. We take a speed boat to a small island. The boat is called Jensen Jet. We find mysteries in our special camp. The cottage is nice and warm and downstairs we have a big bunk bed. Our grandpa made it. Our grandpa also teaches Canada basketball in the Olympics. I like playing with all my cousins, especially Jack. Jack is 4 years old. Jack is my best buddy because we both are big fans of Star Wars. And we both like the camp. We have two more cottages. One of them Jack lives in. My other buddies, Aiden and Brandon stay in the other cottage. We have one more cousin named Kaili. She is Madelyn’s buddy. My mom and dad sleep upstairs in a room that has a blue blanket on the bed. One time we even made a big totem pole made of paint and plastic jars. We do some water fights. Sometimes we go to a blow up small island called Capri. When we go on the boat, we always wear life jackets for safety. Our camp leaders are called Elysia and Janna. The water is very clear. We have a shed with water guns, floaties, buckets, shovels, a fridge full of drinks, and sand box toys, The sand box is very sandy. And I think you would really like it. The loons have really red eyes and their feathers are so beautiful. They can dunk under water for about 15 minutes. They make a beautiful sound. It sounds like someone whistling in the wind. I don’t think you would like the tube rides because one time even Madelyn and Brandon went on the tube and they bounced about 1 metre high. We put snacks down at the table down at the dock for after swimming to get nice and toasty. When we go back up to the cottage we go downstairs and play with lots of toys. Near the water we have a rock platform and they have a small little water pool full of frogs. We catch the frogs with nets. We go on the Jensen Jet to go to a big rock. There is five levels. You can jump off all 5 levels. The only way to get down is jump. It is called Jumper’s Rock. I can jump off level 2, 3 and 1. We put the frogs in cages. Jack has mosquito bites that are infectioned so he has to wear big bandages that look like casts. We have a cousin named Stella. She is a toddler and she likes to go in the water too.


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