Manns in Sri Lanka

When we boarded the plane for the start of our round-the-world adventure, we had only one night’s accommodation reserved… our first. The rest was completely up in the air. We knew we were starting in Sri Lanka, and that our first night would be spent at Kandy Cottage, but that’s about all we knew. On the way to the airport, we purchased the Sri Lanka Lonely Planet guidebook on iTunes, and we were off into the unknown, with two kids, two cameras, and two heads filled with dreams coming true.

What we discovered in Sri Lanka, was a beautifully unique country of dichotomous contradictions. Aromatic roasted spices filled the air, mixed with smoke from burning crops and garbage, and a dash of sewage here and there. Atmospheric Buddhist chanting coalesced with relentless horn-honking. Peaceful forests encapsulated by bustling, chaotic cities. And cute, curious little monkeys, interspersed with the odd savage one to keep us on our toes (see journal entries from Day 6).

Here are a few of our favouite memories from our 10 days in Sri Lanka…

Next up… Mann’s in India (coming soon).

Journals by Madelyn (8yrs) and Timmy (6yrs). Photos by mom & dad.

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