Devika & Joseph’s Wedding in Lucknow, India


Devika and Joseph Radhik’s Wedding in Lucknow, India.
Our first wedding in India was not just any wedding (as no wedding ever is). It was the highly-anticipated wedding of Joseph Radhik and Devika Narain, two of the hottest wedding professionals in India. Joseph; a legendary wedding photographer, and Devika; a legendary wedding designer. But that’s not what made their wedding legendary. Joseph and Devika are literally overflowing with contagious optimism and unfiltered love for each other, their friends, and their family. Their energy (and that of their families), is what catapulted this celebration to legendary proportions.

Devika’s family farm formed the stunning backdrop for their beautiful ceremony which, by Indian standards, was especially small and intimate considering that Joseph and his team have photographed weddings with up to 140,000 guests! The visual design was elegantly understated to create a space that allowed the emotional energy to shine through.

The entire event was a non-stop swirling, whirling concoction of vibrant colour, intricate henna, sensational food (including Lucknow’s world-famous kababs), and singing & dancing performances (our favourite being when Joseph performed a stirring rendition of Adam Sandler’s “I Wanna Grow Old With You” for Devika). It all culminated with a fierce 20-minute (due to elections curfew) dance party in which Devika & Joseph’s wild friends went absolutely bat shit crazy.

Thank you, Chai Productions, for working in and around us through it all. Your work is stunning and unique.

Thank you, Priyam Malhotra, for all your indispensable help throughout the entire process. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you, Devika and Joseph, for trusting us in a new country, with new customs and exciting new challenges. Documenting these memories for you and your families was an absolute honour for us!

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