Montreal Science Centre Wedding | Rana & Madi

At the heart of every great relationship, is trust. And trust is what brought us (and our cameras) to Rana and Madi’s Montreal Science Centre wedding in Quebec. Madi himself, is a highly sought-after professional wedding photographer (no pressure). Rana is a professional interior designer (yes please). Together, their combined vision for their wedding was ambitious, to put it mildly, especially considering that they took it all on themselves!

But fantastic dreams, of course, are not always congruent with reality, and weddings, inevitably, are shaped by compromises and priorities. That Madi and Rana made every conceivable concession to have Erika and me present at their wedding, bespeaks humbling trust… and immense pressure! Not from Rana or Madi themselves… but from us! And not due to how awesome Madi is with a camera, or Rana with design… but due to how truly beautiful we see Rana and Madi as people. They’re just genuinely awesome! The way they so obviously care about everyone around them. The way they look at each other like they’re sharing secrets that nobody else can see. And the way that they smile and laugh wholeheartedly at almost everything. Showing THEM and telling THEIR story was of utmost importance to us. And what a story it was! Rana and Madi truly gave everyone at their Montreal Science Centre wedding an experience they’ll never forget, including us! And if we succeeded in what we set out to do, then their photos will hopefully say the rest…

Thanks to photographer extraordinaire, Marie-Christine Genero, for being such a huge help for us throughout the day!

Thank you, Nadia Blouin, for your radiant makeup artistry!

Thanks you, Alicia Chabot, for rocking Rana’s hair!

Thanks, Haley Page, for Rana’s perfect dress!

Thank you to Waxman House, for the clean shave, tailored suits, and gentlemanly espressos!

Thank you, Layalina Zaffe, for your crazy Lebanese drumming!

Thank you to the amazing St-Vaiteur D’Outremont, for letting us go anywhere in your spectacular church!

Thanks, Grace Des Fleurs, for all the beautiful flowers!

Thanks, PMG Group, for the incredible food!

Thank you, Sweet Couture, for that amazing cake!

Thank you, Marc Younes, for your Tam Tam wizardry!

Thank you, Tea for Two, for your beautiful music!

Thanks to, Klix Entertainment, for fuelling that dance floor!

Thank you, Fabula Films and Luve Films, for working your magic in and around our craziness all day!

Thanks, James & friends, for dropping by to cheer us on at midnight!

Thank you, Mr. Wilson, for the world’s most awesome ice cream bar!

Thank you, Montreal Science Centre wedding, for hosting us all.

And of course, Rana and Madi… thank you for your trust! Documenting this day for you was an enormous honour. Thanks for letting us in!

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