Photographer Phuket Thailand; When Momo Met Ray

Having travelled to Thailand to photograph this extraordinary destination wedding and teach an unforgettable workshop… Photographer Phuket Thailand… how’s that for SEO? 😉 Think we wanna return to Thailand with our cameras? Heck yes we do! 🙂 Moving on now, to Momo & Ray…

When Momo met Ray, Momo was living in Bangkok, Thailand, and Ray was living in St. Louis, USA. It just so happened, however, that Momo’s brother-in-law happened to be Ray’s college roommate at the time. When he told Momo that he wanted to introduce her to “his Thai friend who lives in St. Louis,” Momo naturally assumed that Ray must live in the St. Louis district that was right down the street from her house in Bangkok. Alas, despite a 12-hour time zone difference, they talked with each other every day for a whole year before finally meeting in person. And the rest, as they say, is history…

When we met Ray, it wasn’t in Thailand or the USA, but rather up in Canada, at one of our wedding photography workshops (Ray just so happens to be one heck of a professional photographer himself). From there, our friendship grew and when we later found ourselves organizing a workshop in Thailand, we reached out to Ray to help us out with his local knowledge. Ray, who now lives with Momo in St. Louis (USA), flew all the way to Thailand to help make sure our workshop went off without a hitch. The best part was… he brought Momo!

We fell in love with Momo right away and decided to make a few portraits for them during our time together in Phuket. Here are a few of our favourites, including a couple wherein our kids dropped some killer photobombs. 🙂

Photographer Phuket Thailand or bust! Hehehe. 😉

Momo and Ray, we love you guys.

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