Canmore Heli Wedding Photography | Lauren & Eric

Ever since our first taste of Canmore heli wedding photography, we’ve yearned to head back up into the high alpine ranges of the Canadian Rockies with another amazing couple. Well, Lauren and Eric finally gave us that chance.

Lauren and Eric travelled all the way from Pembroke, Ontario to do this their way… just the two of them, amongst spectacular mountain wilderness, in wedding dress, fancy suit, and rugged mountain boots. It really is a special honour to be a part of something so private and intimate… just Lauren & Eric, our Alpine Helicopters pilot, Rick Kunelius (heli-wedding commissioner extraordinaire), Erika & me (doubling as witnesses) and the wind through the trees. It was short. It was sweet. It was perfect.

And what more could we have asked for? Spectacular mountain vistas as far as our eyes could see. Blue bird skies. Gentle breeze. A five minute commute for Erika and me (we could literally see our house from the air). And best of all, Lauren and Eric… so sweet, so genuinely in love, and literally up for anything. It was so fun to witness their excitement about the whole experience (first time in a helicopter) and the landscapes (first time in the alpine) and most of all, their excitement about each other. These two are in it for life, and couldn’t be more excited about their future together. And we couldn’t be happier for them… or that they found and chose us for their Canmore heli wedding photography.

Lauren and Eric, thank you guys so much for trusting us with these memories. Documenting this occasion was an honour, and a blast… we had so much fun up there with you, laughing and clicking away. We can’t wait to hang out with you again when you finally find a way to move out west! 😉

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