Michelle & Dan in Banff National Park

The more we travel this big, wide world, the more we realize that the Canadian Rockies (our home, sweet home) is indisputably one of the most spectacular places on Earth; unparalleled and unplucked. Such is that when Dan asked us to commemorate his and Michelle’s first ever Canadian Rockies experience with a surprise portrait session (Dan’s an ambitious romantic) in our very own backyard, we said, “Fucken’eh!

Photographing Michelle and Dan amongst the majestic grandeur of the Canadian Rockies was paradoxically part dream, part nightmare. The dream, of course, was in the overwhelming natural beauty; overflowing from mountaintops, cascading down waterfalls, through enchanted forests, into sparkling Kool-Aid-coloured lakes. Thereupon the nightmare lurked… affording this place it’s warranted photographic justice, evoking the impossible sense of scale and enormity, immortalizing Michelle and Dan’s memories therein, and most intimidatingly; dazzling Mr. Dazzle Photography himself… is no small feat. Dan Dazzle is one heck of a professional photographer, so creating art pieces for his walls was a daunting proposition. Thankfully, Dan is also one heck of a guy… and Michelle is one heck of a girl. Together, they’re just a really cool couple. Add a little wine, and the four of us were ready to embark together on the adventure of immortalizing their Canadian Rockies experience.

Our mutual goal was to create art pieces that concurrently showcase the awesomeness of both Michelle and Dan’s relationship, and their surroundings. Delightfully, this was very much a return to our roots in photography, which began at the confluence of mountain landscape and adventure sports photography. Documenting adventures and showcasing awesome people in awesome places, was what planted the seeds that have grown into who and where we are today. Michelle and Dan brought us right back into that beautiful space. We felt right at home, in our home, making art with good friends.

Michelle and Dan, we cannot wait to come visit and see some of these as ginormous art prints on your walls. Thanks for trusting us in this adventure… and for helping us communicate through photography, our implicit human connection to the natural world. We’re beautiful beings on this beautiful blue dot.

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