Kimmi & Dwayne in Jamaica

As photographers, we strive to create images that communicate what words cannot. And yet here I am, trying to find words to communicate what these photographs cannot. The absurdity of this paradox isn’t lost on me, but alas, you just weren’t there. Or maybe, if you’re one of the few who actually read this, you were (and so you know what I’m trying to say). But for anyone about to experience this wedding solely through these photos… you just weren’t there. You weren’t there to witness the way Dwayne melted the instant he saw Kimmi in all her jaw-dropping glory… to behold the complete and utter cuteness of their kids, Landon and Logan… to feel the salty spray of the turquoise Caribbean waters crashing around their cliffside ceremony… to feel the unbridled love between (and for) Kimmi and Dwayne… to hear what they mean to their friends and family… to experience that legendary, ganga-brownie-fuelled dance floor… with Jamaican bass in your bones… overproof rum on your lips… gyratory whining on your hips. Gratefully though, despite one hell of a commute (icy roads, international flights, layovers, delays and flat tires — yes, plural), we were there with our cameras for a poignant dose of everything we thrive off… expressive, loving humans… beautiful relationships… unrestrained celebration, and most honourably… trust.

Kimmi and Dwayne’s outright trust in us was implicit; extra humbling, given that Kimmi is one of the most sought-after event planners in all of Jamaica, and Dwayne is the country’s leading wedding photographer! Together, they’re just — magic… full of infectious good vibes that reflect in the wonderful friends they choose, the gracious way they treat everyone, the caring parents they are for Landon and Logan, and their beaming smiles… brought on so easily and thoroughly when they look at each other. Their wedding, unsurprisingly, was a felicitous concoction of all of that… good vibes, awesome friends, adorable kids and wholehearted smiles. It filled us (and our memory cards) up with memories (and photos) for which there aren’t really words.

Thankfully though, photography can be a powerful language… one we strive to master, but never will. Here’s hoping these photographs embody what it looked and felt like to be a part of this extraordinary wedding experience.

Dream team makes the dream work! Big-ups to The Spa Retreat Boutique Hotel (venue), M Style XP (decor and production), Reynaldo Martin Studios (videography), Floral Fantasies (flowers), Sue Gregg and Tiffany Lawson (make-up), Rochelle the stylist (hair), Michael Lewis (pastor), Kerie Thombs (MC), Smoke and Denvo (DJs), Leanne Cooke (cake), Alon Livné White (Kimmi’s dress), Carlton Brown (suits for Dwayne & groomsmen), Island Lux (catamaran), and Logisticsbyk2 (planning & coordination).

Kimmi and Dwayne, what can we say? You chose us. You trusted us. You made us part of something incredibly special. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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