Manns in Canada – Family Travel Blog

The most common question our kids are asked, when people learn about their lifestyle, is “What’s your favourite country you’ve visited?” Their answer is always the same, without exception…. “Canada.” First of all, I love that they think of themselves as visitors of their home country. Visitors of a magnificent country with clean air, clean water and unspoiled space. There’s a uniqueness to every country we visit. But the uniqueness we find in Canada is something we took for granted, before visiting 30+ other countries. I think part of this uniqueness comes from the comfort that we feel in Canada. The place I feel most comfortable and safe in the world is in the Canadian wilderness, cramped in a small 4-person tent, with Lanny, Madelyn and Timmy. At times there is a symphony of mosquitoes outside eagerly waiting for our exit. The comfort doesn’t come from luxury camping gear, or fine food. The comfort comes from knowing everything I value most in life, and everything I need to survive, is within arms reach. I imagine it’s the same primal comfort a loon feels in it’s nest with it’s offspring and mate. It’s the kind of comfort you want to experience everyday. But, you also realize it’s the scarcity of this comfort that makes it so special. Thank you for giving me this comfort, Canada.

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