Krystal & Trevor’s Wedding on Planet Earth

Before plunging wholly into anything – love, marriage, sparkling turquoise water – one should consider the depths, or shallows, of what lurks beneath the shimmering surface. Were that advice rocket science, Krystal’s calculations would have been impeccable. But alas, rocket science has little to do with impulsive matters of the heart and soul. Particularly, when emboldened by friends, with spiked coffee kicking in, and the Caribbean sun sparkling off a tantalizing infinity pool with a narrow parapet calling out for an inverted, split-leg handstand. Krystal executed flawlessly. A perfect T of poised muscular tension, as symmetrical as planetary orbit. Athletic, gymnastic poetry. For a moment, time and gravity stood still. Of course, like the bonafide rocket scientist she is (astrobiologist turned photographer, technically), Krystal had a plan for controlled atmospheric reentry, decent, and landing. She would splashdown into the waters behind her like a reentry capsule off the shores of Cape Canaveral. What could possibly go wrong… apart from everything?

If it matters, they say – if it’s difficult, if it’s worth the fight – there will be blood, there will be sweat, there will be tears. All three of these requisites, incidentally, reared up within the first few hours of Krystal and Trevor’s adventure in marriage. Blood trickled over purple toenail polish from oozing abrasions. Sweltering sweat beaded upon black and blue skin. Tears welled up in emerald eyes. The infinity pool, evidently, was not infinitely deep.

Zooming out from this poolside drama would reveal a gathering of swimsuit-clad humans, at a luxury villa, by a sandy beach, on a tropical island, in the midst of a vast ocean, on a pale blue dot in the Milky Way of our cosmic universe. That pale blue dot, of course, is where all of human consciousnees has thus far dwelled. That vast ocean is the Atlantic. That tropical island is the grandest of the Caymans. That sandy beach belongs to Tranquility Cove, an idyllic dream villa at which 37 close friends and family (plus a couple of Manns with cameras) have gathered with sunscreen, booze, vows, speeches, dreams and aspirations. Months of dance choreography and CrossFit workouts have led to this… the wedding event of Krystal and Trevor’s lives!

Krystal’s suboptimal landing might have thwarted the most ambitious of her meticulously rehearsed dance moves with Trevor and her dad, but her indomitable spirit, the benevolent humans rallying around her, and heaps of ibuprofen, wouldn’t let an impressivley swollen foot detract from the magic of their extraordinary day. That being as, the essence of this wedding was not about the location, as incredible as it was, the dance moves, as ambitious as they were, or the pomp and circumstance, as non-existant as that was. Like the universe itself, the essence of this wedding, was in the relationships. Beautiful, soul-enriching relationships. The way Krystal’s dad looks at her like she’s the most incredible thing in the universe. The quavering crack in Trevor’s dad’s voice when he spoke the words, “I love you, too.” The shared passion amongst their yogi/CrossFitty friends for contorting their bodies into other-worldly positions and enduring painful feats of the physically absurd. The unifying bond of astrophysical kinship between their SpaceX and NASA employed colleagues (Trevor is a SpaceX rocket scientist), epitomized at the end of the night with a swaying, arms-clasped group hug-dance to Elton John’s Rocket Man. And most unmistakably, Krystal and Trevor’s extra-planetary zest for each other and their life together on this great Earth.

Krystal and Trevor, thanks for bringing us to paradise, for welcoming us into your fabulous tribe, for the sensational cocktails, and for the late night existential chats about intergalactic consciousness. Most of all though, thanks for trusting us with these memories. May we never forget those Moons of Jupiter.

Venue – Tranquility Cove, Luxury Cayman Villas

Planning/Coordination – Valentina Satanassi from Celebrations Ltd

Florist – Celebrations Ltd

Hair & Make Up – Trina from Jacki Soriano

Krystal’s Wedding Dress – Olivia Bowen Bridal

Krystal’s Reception Dress –

Trevor’s Suit – Corey Barto at Tom James

DJ – Craig, One World Ltd

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