Jenny, Jesse, Easton and Steele

Jenny and Jesse are one of the amazing couples we got to meet through the filming of our photography course, Two Mann U. They had to contend with, not only the buzz of our photography, but the nerve-racking secondary dimension of a film crew. Almost paparazzi-style, we traipsed through the beauty just outside of our doorstep. They never missed a beat.

Jenny and Jesse, thanks for coming out to play in front of the many cameras and rising to the challenge of having to perform for for our students’ benefit (and by perform, we mean, be yourselves). We hope these photos show exactly what we saw and felt in you – a powerful love that just radiates between you. Thanks for letting it shine so openly, right into our lenses. Next time we hang out, we are definitely bringing beers!

We also got to meet their awesome sons. Thank you, Easton and Steele, for being so cool (but not too cool for us to see the beautiful bonds you share). We hope these photos help you never forget the magic of your family. Next time we hang out, we are definitely bringing Madelyn and Timmy.

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