Dee & Max in London, England

WAY back in 2019, before the world fell apart, we taught a workshop in London, England. Max and Dee agreed to be “models” for our demo shoot, and “model” they did –– with 15 curious photographers following their every move.

Breaking down our client’s self consciousness in front of the camera is at the core of what we do as portrait photographers. In order to show who they are, we have to get them into a place in their brain that’s feeling, vs thinking about having their photo taken.

Achieving this, with 15 photographers looking over your shoulders, can be tricky. Luckily, Dee and Max have a chemistry that’s not hard to tap into. They “modelled” the shit out of this shoot for us, with natural, seemingly effortless love for each other.

Thanks for taking a turn on the other side of the lens for us, Max. It was an absolute pleasure to witness you and Dee together. And thanks to the 15 amazing photographers who made it happen!

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