Taylor & Zach’s Winter Wedding in Banff, Canada

We haven’t photographed a wedding with more than 10 guests in over 14 months. To say that we were excited to get back to shooting is an understatement. If Covid has given us anything, it’s a new perspective. The mundanity of life is the beauty of life.

Taylor and Zach’s wedding can hardly be described as “mundane.” They got married in a freakin’ castle, surrounded by majestic snow-capped mountains! It was truly spectacular. BUT, the understated “normal” moments are what really brought Taylor and Zach’s wedding to life. It was Taylor’s Mom (a dance mom through Taylor’s childhood), doing her hair and makeup on her wedding day, for the 213th time. It was an impromptu game of poker. It was Zach’s grandmother, suffering from dementia, knowing exactly what was going on during brief moments of lucidity. It was hugs, smiles, glances, gestures, laughs. It was the little things that we experience every single day, that go unnoticed. But, on this day… it was all noticed. And it was beautiful.

Taylor, Zach, and family, thank you so much for trusting us to notice.

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