Ian & Travis in Lake Louise, Canada


Gawd dammit. It’s 4 AM, and I’ve been sitting here in front of this bloody screen for hours! I literally CANNOT think of what to write. Why is this so hard? If I didn’t already love Ian and Travis to death, I sure as heck do now. I’ve practically been living and breathing their wedding photos, day and night, for weeks and weeks. And yet here I sit, and here I stare, without any words that feel right. I keep scrolling down through the images below, and I just can’t stop smiling. But then I scroll back up here to the top, determined to write all about it, and—nothing.

I finally realized why! Every damn thing I think of writing, is unbelievable—as in, nobody’s gonna believe me. How can I say the things I want to say, without sounding like I’m full of shit?

I want to write, for example, about how Ian and Travis are our absolute dream clients—that we’ve become friends for life—that we LOVE them, even though we’ve really only just met. But how can I say that, without everyone assuming we say that about ALL our clients (we don’t), that I’m speaking in hyperbole (we’re not), or that I’m just super cheesy (I am, but not in this case).

I want to write about how Ian and Travis are an unlikely couple, and totally meant to be. WTF, Lanny! That’s so cliché. Every couple is “unlikely,” and “meant to be.” But dammit, when it comes to Ian and Travis, the Universe really DID work in strange and mysterious ways. They really DO complete each other. They really ARE a sight to behold. And their love really DOES radiate off of them like tractor beams—sucked us right in!

I want to write about how they had a dream team of literally the best pros in the business, to bring their wedding fantasy to life. Oh gawd, Lanny! “Best in the biz!?” “Wedding fantasy!?” Barf me a river. But it really WAS the dream team. Ian and Travis really DID cherry pick the best of the best. And their wedding experience, really WAS a fantasy come true for them. Erika and I aren’t easily distracted by the glitz n’ glam of weddings. But hot damn!!! Lynn Fletcher Weddings turned the Chateau Lake Louise into an utterly mesmerizing spectacle of shazam! And it really WAS a fantasy for Ian and Travis. But that fantasy was about so much more than just the idea of having a wedding, in a castle, in the mountains, with sparkly things all around. It was about the fantasy of celebrating their love together, the way ALL lovers should—surrounded by friends and family and unconditional acceptance. It was a fantastical celebration of their love, yes—but also of love, period.

I also want to write about a reception that was so off-the-hook, you wouldn’t believe it. But, of course, you won’t believe that you wouldn’t believe it. 🙂 But you seriously had to be there, to experience it, in order to believe it. We’re talking, drag-queen-unbelievable! And not just any drag queen—Daya-fucking-Betty from RuPaul’s Drag Race!!!

And of course, I want to write about Ian and Travis’ dog, Argos the Frenchie—the most adorable French Bulldog on planet Earth. But how could I not be speaking in hyperbole, right? Scroll down, my friends. You’ll see!

And, finally, I want to write about appreciation. I want to try to explain how incredible it felt to feel—like, really FEEL—Ian and Travis’ appreciation for EVERYONE who was a part of this whole experience with them. It was palpable. And it was expressed, repeatedly, without abandon. Ian, at the end of the night, gave us the most genuine, heartfelt thank you we’ve ever received. Somehow, he just became more and more articulate, after every cocktail. It was beautiful drunken poetry, straight to the heart.

Ian and Travis, what can we say, that anyone will believe? We honestly don’t know. And we honestly don’t care (if they believe us). We just need YOU to know what we hope you already know—that you’ve embedded yourselves deep inside our hearts. It was our absolute honour to be trusted with these memories for you and your families. See you soon, dear friends.


Venue — Chateau Lake Louise

Planning —Jody McBeath from Lynn Fletcher Weddings

Photography — Two Mann Studios

Cinematography by Ixchel & Justin from Parfait Productions

Assistant photography by Dave Fay from Worn Leather Media

DJ — Fayyazk from Pez Productions

Drag Queen: Daya Betty

Hair & Makeup by Something Borrowed Beauty

Flowers by Flower Artistry

Officiant (private vows) — Tamara from Weddings by Tamara

Officiant (ceremony) — Chelsea Davis

Ian & Travis’ suits by INDOCHINO

Ian & Travis’ dog — Argos the Frenchie

Rings by Shane Co.

Invitations by Cartalia Studio

Face masks by The Official Tavo

Cookies by Caseys Frosted Dream Cookies

Nuts by Nate’s Nuts

Assistant photography by Dave Fay from Worn Leather Media


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