Shannon & Ian in Todos Santos, Mexico


Shannon & Ian in Baja, Mexico

Shannon and Ian are WAY cooler than us. They listen to cooler music (most of which we’ve never heard of… that’s how we know it’s cool). They watch cooler movies and tv shows (also most of which we’ve never heard of). They design and make their own clothes (Shannon even designs her own fabrics). They are both artists through and through. Oh, and we forgot to mention, Shannon is also a professional photographer. But, don’t worry, she doesn’t shoot weddings, so she’s still got the mega cool factor.

There’s something just a tad intimidating about photographing a professional photographer’s wedding, especially someone as artistic as Shannon (and Ian). Not only that, but our every move from this entire wedding was being filmed for behind-the-scenes coverage by a professional film team. 😱 Talk about creative pressure!

Luckily, our whole approach to wedding photography relies, not on being ‘artistic’ or ‘creative,’ but rather on being really good observers. Observers of people. Observers of moments. Observers of light. Observers of tension. Observers of epic dance moves. Observers of ridiculously spoiled dogs.

Perhaps we’ve got it all wrong, and creativity is just a fancy word for seeing what’s there for the seeing.

Shannon & Ian, you and your friends & family were a TON of fun to observe. These photos take us right back to an experience we will never forget. Thank you so much for trusting your memories with our eyes.

Venue – Rancho Danza del Sol

Planning – Sydney Keeney

Makeup & Hair – GLADYS TREVIÑO

Dress – Grace Loves Lace

Rehearsal Dinner – Tacos El Poblano

Wedding Dinner – Salt & Sugar Co.

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