Angela + Dan’s Wedding | Waterton Lakes National Park | Canada

Angela and Dan got married in one of the most beautiful and, on that particular day, windiest places on Earth. The winds were so strong that the 5th floor of the Prince of Wales Hotel was actually moving. The creaking and groaning of the 90 year old building was a little unnerving, to say the least. But at least the guys were able to blame their morning golf games on the wind. You simply can not, however, get married in a place like Waterton Lakes National Park, and not take advantage of the remarkable scenery. So Angela and Dan headed out like warriors into the buffeting winds for portraits amongst the mountain grandeur! The celebration was all capped off with a retro 80’s dance party for the ages. Val Kilmer and the New Coke brought the place down! Seriously, these guys were unbelievable (we just might have to hire them for our 40th birthday celebration)! Angela and Dan and all their guests were dressed in absolutely awesome 80’s attire. We’ll just let their photos do the talking…

Thank you, Angela and Dan for bringing us with you to the most incredible place for a most incredible celebration. And thank you, Shannon Pratt, for your awesome assistance!

  • bride and groom standing on top of mountain in Waterton Lakes Canada
  • a groom playing golf games in the wind
  • a groom and friends walking in a golf course in Waterton Lakes
  • a photo of Prince of Wales Hotel building
  • an artist doing makeup for a bride with background of mountains under windy weather outside
  • a groom and friend washing up themselves
  • a groom reviewing vows while a friend tying a tie
  • a bride dressing up while a girl doing the makeup
  • a bride sitting in a chair waiting for the ceremony
  • a bird's-eye view of father walking daughter down the aisle
  • a groom reading marriage vows to his bride
  • smiling bride and groom facing each other at wedding ceremony
  • wedding ceremony by a lake of Waterton Lakes National Park Canada
  • bride and groom standing on top of mountain under windy weather
  • emotional newlyweds at wedding party table
  • newlyweds and friends at wedding party table
  • tearful groom and smiling bride at wedding table
  • a bird's-eye view of bride and groom first dance
  • groom and wedding guests dancing at a retro 80's reception dance party
  • bride and wedding guests dancing at reception
  • a bride putting on a wig for the groom at retro 80's reception dance party
  • an excited young man at wedding party
  • female wedding guests with 80's attires at retro reception party
  • two dancers hitting the dance floor with high energy
  • dance performance at a wedding reception
  • Val Kilmer and the New Coke's live performance at a wedding reception
  • see others through groom's legs
  • a groom kneeling down to take bride's foot in a dance move
  • a dancer with 80's attire at a wedding reception
  • a groom and wedding guests hitting the dance floor
  • a singer performs at a wedding reception
  • wedding guests cheering at a singer