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Grace + Matt’s Wedding | Zion National Park

Grace and Matt are crazy! Crazy about each other. Crazy about Zion National Park. Crazy about photography! So much so, that they allegedly scoured through 753 wedding photography sites on a legendary quest that eventually – thankfully – led to us. Learning that, was incredibly gratifying, humbling and intimidating… especially considering that Grace and Matt themselves, are a highly-regarded professional wedding photography team. But in the vein of Jerry Maguire’s wife… they had us at “Zion.”

Zion National Park is one of the most spectacular pockets of geographical drama on planet Earth. Erika and I actually discovered and fell in love with Zion, back when we were first falling in love with each other… so we can totally relate to Grace and Matt’s compulsion to get married amongst this ultimate of cathedrals.

Grace and Matt’s wedding, however, was most awesome for reasons that had nothing to do with the incredible surroundings. Their day was full of so much love and raw emotion and beautiful little moments… which totally cracks us up because Grace was sure to warn us when she hiring us that their wedding “wasn’t going to have any moments.” Grace, we are happy to report that you couldn’t have been any more wrong! 🙂

As experienced wedding professionals, Grace and Matt surrounded themselves on their own wedding day with a dream team of professionals. Julie Hinton planned the bejeezus out of a day that couldn’t have been any more perfectly imperfect in every way. Bloomers Flowers were in full bloom. Switchback Grille catered the shizzle out of it. Festival Sounds dropped sick beats throughout the night. We got to work alongside Nathan Pickett Films and his crazy cool drones. Our talented friend, Vanessa, had our backs the whole time! The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary provided the scene for the intimate outdoor ceremony while everything else went down at this awesome mansion! And we’ll just let these photos fill in the rest…

Grace and Matt, what can we say? Thank you for trusting us! Here’s the story of your wedding day, as seen and felt through our eyes and our hearts. We love you!

  • bride and groom on a background of Zion's steep red cliffs
  • groom washes up while bride arranging her wedding dress
  • helping the bride wash her hair over the sink
  • a groom washing his face
  • Combing hair for the bride
  • a bride looking at her hair style
  • bride smiling while stylist making hair for her
  • do makeups for the girls before wedding ceremony
  • a friend helping a groom apply shaving cream
  • Tying a tie
  • groom and groomsmen making preparations for the ceremony
  • a groomsman attaching cuff-links for the groom
  • a bride licking an envelope
  • a groom preparing his readings
  • groom and groomsmen saying prayers before ceremony
  • groom and groomsmen pray together
  • helping the bride zip up the wedding dress with back zipper
  • a bride peeking at his groom at a gate before wedding ceremony
  • back view of bride and groom walking in the forest
  • emotional groom and friends waiting for bride walking down the aisle
  • father walking bride down the aisle
  • bride and groom standing in front of Minister
  • bride and groom holding each other's hands at wedding ceremony
  • bride's parents looking at the new couple with love at wedding ceremony
  • long shot of wedding ceremony on background of Zion Canyon’s steep cliffs
  • emotional bride and groom at wedding ceremony
  • newlyweds receiving blessings from wedding guests
  • blessing ceremony for the new couple
  • a bride talking happily with a bridesmaid
  • smiling faces of newlyweds and their friends
  • a bride arranging her dress in the changing room
  • bride and groom walking in the forest of Zion National Park
  • bride and groom in Zion National Park at sunset
  • bride and groom take a stroll in Zion National park
  • Newlyweds standing on Zion Canyon's cliffs
  • back view of newlywed walking on trails in Zion National Park
  • newlyweds enjoying sunset time at Zion National Park
  • newlyweds enjoying speech of a wedding guest
  • newlyweds at outdoor wedding reception at Zion national park
  • brides's mom hugging with son-in-law at reception
  • newlyweds and parents dancing at outdoor reception at sunset
  • new couple dancing with flashing lights at reception
  • Moms hugging each other at wedding reception
  • bride and wedding guests dancing together at reception
  • friends cheering at bride singing
  • groom and friends dancing together at reception
  • bride dancing with groomsmen at reception
  • bride and groom leaning to each other near bonfires