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Charisse & Serge’s Wedding | Hotel Arts | Calgary, Canada

When it comes to agreeing to shoot a couple’s wedding, many things come into play. After determining whether or not we’re available, we have to look at travel time, how close it is to other weddings, workshops and conferences, family time, and holidays. So, needless to say, we were pretty sure this wedding was going to be awesome when we decided to take it on right after Christmas holidays, and on Lanny’s birthday none the less! Thankfully, we were absolutely right… Charisse and Serge’s wedding was off the hook.

It was a cold winter day in Calgary, however no one seemed fazed by it with the warmth coming from both sides of the family. From first thing in the morning until the final hours of the night, there were endless beautiful and touching moments between these two and their parents. This family exudes love and it has been passed on from parents to Charisse and Serge. It was so sweet to watch the way that Serge and Charisse interact. Serge treats Charisse just like his own princess, so kind, gentle, and doting.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our time with Charisse and Serge getting ready in the morning. The sparks of excitement and energy in the rooms were palpable. The real moments for us though, began when Charisse and Serge had their first look. It was such an intimate and emotional moment that we were honoured to be a part of.

These two were total troopers. Despite the bitter cold, and being in full wedding garb, they trekked into the snow for portraits. They even hiked up a steep, icy embankment just to help us get a few extra shots. Thankfully, Charisse brought her Sorels.

Not only were the bride and groom, and their friends and families a blast, but we got to work alongside some of our favourite professionals in the industry. Parfait Productions (two of our favourite videographers) and Lynn Fletcher with her awesome team. This team set to work like fairy godmothers and transformed the space in Hotel Arts into something out of a fairy tale! It was breathtakingly surreal! This was our first wedding at Hotel Arts and the 6 course meal was out of this world!

After dinner and speeches it was time to get the party started. There was no way this was not going to be an awesome party with Famous Players from Vancouver taking the stage. They were seriously kick-ass performers. They rocked covers, had choreographed dances, and a crazy light show. We felt like we were at a rock show at a wedding!

Thank you Charisse and Serge for welcoming us so openly into your family celebration and for trusting us with your memories.

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