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Rae-Ann & Shayne’s Wedding | Wailea, Maui, Hawaii

Rae-Ann and Shayne had us at, “Maui”. And then we met them!

We see so much of ourselves in Rae-Ann and Shayne – their laid-back love for life, each other, the world, and for making the most of it all in their very own ways. This mutuality brought us together in Maui – them with their vows, and us with our cameras – for a beautifully unique, and decidedly unconventional celebration of life, love, and family.

When we arrived at Rae-Ann and Shayne’s rental mansion in Wailea on the eve of their wedding, we were welcomed right in with open arms and protein shakes (we share a mutual zest for fitness with Rae-Ann and Shayne). Their wonderful parents were no less welcoming, making us feel right at home and amongst family. The house was filled with the exuberant noises of kids playing outside in the pool. Shayne’s 9 year-old son, Tyson, is one of the coolest little dudes we’ve met, and no less a part of this union than Rae-Ann and Shayne. It was an utter joy photographing him playing in the pool with his friends and cousins while the sun set beneath the ocean.

The next morning may have been the first time we’ve ever began a wedding day with a healthy breakfast, lovingly prepared by the bride and groom themselves! This set the stage for a fittingly casual wedding day. Rae-Ann and the girls took their time getting ready upstairs, while Shayne snuck in a quick workout and played with Tyson in the pool.

Eventually, Shayne and his dad began their transition from board shorts to wedding attire, and thus began the meticulous male grooming rituals of flawlessly bald headed men. Tyler even joined in, making for a multi-generational male grooming experience.

While Rae-Ann slipped into her show-stopping dress, everyone made their way to the pictureque Kukahiko Estate for a quaint ocean-side ceremony on a lava rock cove.

After some fun portraits, we all headed over to the Wailea Golf Club for an incredible patio dinner. In keeping with Rae-Ann and Shayne’s, “we’ll do it our way” resolve, not a single speech was endured (apart from Steph’s eloquently delivered speech from atop a bar stool much later that night)… and lord help anyone who dared to clink a glass in hopes of a cheesy kiss. 🙂

After the kids and older generations called it a night, Rae-Ann and Shayne headed on over to Moose McGillycuddy’s with their friends. It was the perfect end to their perfectly unconventional day that we’re so honoured to have been a part of.

We were also lucky to have our friend, Jenna, along for a helping hand and lots of great local tips.

Rae-Ann and Shayne, thanks for bringing us to paradise, for showing yourselves to us so openly and vulnerably, and for trusting us to reflect it all back to you through your photos.

  • bride and groom sitting in the forest in Maui Hawaii
  • a boy jumping into the pool at sunset by the ocean in Maui Hawaii
  • wet footprints
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  • a show by the ocean
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  • bride and bridesmaid doing their makeups in front of a mirror
  • groom does the workout while his father doing the reading
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  • A groom helping father shave a bald head
  • a bride putting on her dress in the tropical forest
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  • a quaint ocean-side wedding ceremony on a lava rock cove in Maui
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  • a wedding ceremony on ocean-side at sunset in Wailea Maui Hawaii
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  • bride and groom stand in tropical forest on ocean-side at sunset in Maui
  • back view of bride and groom walking on lava stones in Maui
  • bride and groom kissing each other
  • bride and groom walking on lava rocks by ocean-side at sunset in Maui
  • newlyweds and friends on lava rocks by ocean-side at sunset in Maui
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  • groom holding bride's hand running by ocean-side at sunset in Maui Hawaii