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Joanne + James’ St. Lucia Wedding Extravaganza

When James and Joanne contacted us about shooting their wedding in St.Lucia, we knew we could not turn that down! We love shooting destination weddings because they are always unique celebrations, and when you are with people for multiple days, there are endless moments to capture. What we hadn’t prepared ourselves for, was that this was not just a wedding, this was a one-of-a-kind, multi-day, family filled, love extravaganza!

From the moment we arrived at The Landings, until the minute we left (and for the months following) we were welcomed like family. At no point were we “hired help.” We were treated like guests (which, as you’ll see, was fantastic), who happened to have a few expensive cameras along for the ride.

James and Joanne both live in New York and their family and friends are the most important thing in the world to them. They are also two of the most generous and down to earth people. As a result, they decided they wanted their wedding to be not just about them, but instead they wanted it to be an experience for their guests to remember for the rest of their lives.

The breathtaking vistas that we were surrounded by each day were nothing compared to the special moments that we got to witness. From the rain on the beach during their ceremony, to the catamaran shenanigans (combining rum punch, dancing, and intimate moments), this was a wedding we will never forget!

James and Joanne, we cannot thank you enough for allowing us to be a part of this incredible celebration, and we are so happy to now have you both in our lives.

Last photo by Jessica Lin.

  • bride and groom walking in tropical forest in St.Lucia
  • bride and groom hugging on sea background
  • wedding guests playing ball in the sea
  • a wedding guest diving into the sea
  • a lady falls into the water from a paddle board
  • a man having a drink in the water
  • groom and father pointing at the distance in the water
  • a wedding guest juggling a ball on the beach
  • locals making preparation for the wedding ceremony
  • two cheering wedding guests on the background of clouds
  • wedding guests cheer at a man balancing a cup on his forehead
  • new couple and guests enjoy themselves with dance
  • a balding-on-top-of-head man looking at the sea
  • a groom hugging with his father
  • a groom hugging with his parents
  • young couple lying on hanging bed
  • a man lighting a cigar for a friend
  • a groom resting his head on bride's back
  • the sea seems to melt into the sky
  • a makeup artist applying lipstick for the bride
  • a makeup artist doing makeup for a bride by the sea
  • doing eye makeup for the bride
  • a bride drafting wedding speech
  • groom enjoys a drink
  • putting suspenders on pants
  • two ladies standing by an electric fan
  • bride and groom preparing themselves for the wedding
  • a wedding ceremony on the beach in St. Lucia
  • happy bride and groom at wedding ceremony in St. Lucia
  • a groom speaking marriage vows to his bride
  • bride and groom facing each other and holding both hands at wedding ceremony
  • an officiant signing the marriage document at wedding ceremony
  • newly married couple standing under the wedding arch on the beach
  • newly married couple hugging with parents
  • newly married couple opening champagne
  • newlyweds enjoying their moment by the sea
  • bride and groom embracing in tropical forest in St. Lucia
  • a bride resting her head on groom's back
  • newlyweds enjoying performance of a wedding guest
  • newlyweds walking on the beach in St. Lucia at dusk
  • newlyweds hugging with twomann photographers in St. Lucia