Steph & Sabin's Canmore Wedding - Two Mann Studios

Steph & Sabin’s Canmore Wedding

We love photographing weddings all over the world, but there’s something extra special about shooting in our hometown. While so many of our wedding commutes involve hours or days of planes, trains, and automobiles just to show up… Steph and Sabin’s wedding all went down 5 minutes from our house! And where ever we travel throughout the world, coming home to Canmore always reminds us why we fell in love with this place. It all feels right here. So when our clients choose Canmore to celebrate the joining together of their lives… we get it.

Living and shooting in the mountains means living and shooting through “variable” conditions, as was the case for Steph and Sabin’s wedding. We had rain, wind, sun, and everything in between… which reflected back in doubts, anxiety, elation, and everything in between. Whether or not the ceremony would be able to take place at Silvertip Resort‘s world famous outdoor location had to be a “game time” decision based around what the weather happened to be doing at that very minute. In the end, the weather held and Steph and Sabin got to share their vows outside, surrounded by loved ones, the grandeur of a truly spectacular backdrop, and music (the weather held just enough for the musicians to be able to play their instruments). It was glorious!

15 minutes later, it was pouring. But it didn’t matter what the mountain weather threw at these guys… nothing was going to stop them from having the time of their lives. Every single person at this wedding was there for a good time. And that’s what they had. And that’s what we had..

Steph and Sabin, we had so much fun with you, your friends, and your family. Thank you for trusting us with these memories!

  • a groom embracing his bride from back in the forest
  • a pet dog and bride's wedding dress
  • makeup artists doing makeups for a bride and a bridesmaid
  • happy bride in the stylist's chair
  • a groom washing up for the wedding ceremony
  • a groom and friends making preparation for wedding ceremony
  • a lady explaining the role to a flower girl
  • flower girl and ring boy running down the aisle hand in hand
  • a groom waiting for his bride escorted by her father
  • happy bride and her father walking down the aisle
  • a groom hugging with bride's mother at wedding ceremony
  • wedding ceremony at Silvertip Resort Canmore
  • bride's emotional parents and their pet dog at wedding ceremony
  • happy bride holding groom's arm after wedding ceremony
  • groom embracing bride from back at reception party
  • bride and groom in a car
  • bride and groom opening champagne at wedding
  • new couple and friend lifting a man up to headstand
  • a bride looking back at her dress train in a forest
  • a groom kissing the bride on her cheek in the bushes
  • bride's father making a speech to the wedding guests at the reception
  • emotional bride and groom at the reception
  • a bride dancing together with a lady at the reception
  • an excited man dancing at the reception
  • wedding guests enjoy themselves on the dance floor
  • a bride and her friend hitting the dance floor
  • bride and groom walking under umbrella in a field in Canmore