Sam & Mike's Wedding in Paris - Two Mann Studios

Sam & Mike’s Wedding in Paris

When Sam and Mike first inquired with us and told us they were getting married in Paris, we were like, “Hell yeah!” This couple was (is) our dream clients; beautiful inside and out, fun to the core, expressive, gracious and appreciative… and they were getting married in Paris. Now, before we get too carried away here, we are talking about Paris, Ontario, not Paris, France (a small detail). You may think we’re being facetious here, but we’re not. Whether the wedding is taking place in the most ‘romantic’ city in the world, or cute little Paris, Ontario… it has nothing do with the feeling and excitement we get while photographing the joining together of two lives, two families.

Sam and Mike’s families invited us into their celebration like we were long time friends. We partook, we partied, we drank, we danced, we got our lightstand knocked over by a flying dildo (a big purple one), and we shot (photographed) our hearts out. There was never a moment without a ‘moment’ for us to capture. At times there were so many crazy moments, it was hard to decide which to focus on. Any photographer will know this is a good problem to have at any wedding. Sam and Mike, thank you for bringing us to Paris! 🙂 We love you, and we loved capturing all the emotions of your wedding day.

And a special thank you to Mike Morby, for travelling all the way up from Philadelphia to help us out on this one!

  • canadian bride and groom posing in the woods in Paris Ontario
  • wedding guests playing golf
  • a father teaching his son to play golf
  • groom and his groomsmen talking in a limo
  • a groom holding a drink in a car
  • groomsmen shaving their faces
  • a little girl sitting on the stairs
  • a bride opening a bottle of drink
  • a bride holding a little girl happily
  • a bride taking a moment alone
  • a bride applying makeup
  • a bride and her wedding dress in a mirror
  • a makeup artist doing makeup for the bride
  • the father of a bride first seeing her daughter in her wedding dress
  • the happy father-daughter moment before wedding ceremony
  • the bride is ready for the wedding ceremony
  • the groom smoking a cigar before the wedding
  • father and daughter bride walking down the stairs
  • father and daughter bride walking to the groom
  • bride and groom holding hands happily at the wedding
  • groom placing the ring on bride's finger
  • happy parents at wedding ceremony
  • bride and groom kissing each other at the wedding ceremony
  • the newly married couple clinging together in love
  • bride and groom hugging in the woods in Paris Ontario
  • a groom kissing his bride on the cheek in the woods in Paris Ontario
  • new couple burst into laughter by performance of the guests at reception
  • a groom looking at his bride happily at the reception
  • a bride hugging emotionally with a friend at reception
  • father of the bride toasts at wedding reception
  • a bride cheering at guest's performance at wedding reception
  • bride and groom dancing at wedding reception
  • father-daughter dance at wedding reception
  • bride and her friends' dancing performance
  • a bride and her friends dancing together
  • guests dancing at the wedding reception
  • guests hit the dance floor
  • a bride dancing guests at wedding reception
  • the young taking the senior to the dance floor at wedding reception
  • guests play joke with the bride at wedding reception
  • a groom dancing crazily at wedding reception
  • bride and groom's excited first dance