Kolby & Neil's Wedding at the Fairmont Palliser - Two Mann Studios

Kolby & Neil’s Wedding at the Fairmont Palliser

Kolby and Neil’s wedding was beautiful on so many levels… from the spectacular surface, right down to the emotional depths.

The stage was set by the magical fairy godmother’s from Lynn Fletcher Weddings, who transformed the already dazzling Fairmont Palliser into something straight out of a magical dream customized just for Kolby and Neil. Walking into the Crystal Ballroom was like walking into a sparkling fairy tale… with Sheryl from LFW at the wand, making sure every small detail was perfect and running like clockwork.

Beneath all the sparkle and dazzle, was a beautiful celebration of love and life. At the heart of it all, was two young lovers, creating a beautiful life and family together. Kolby and Neil’s unabashed love for each other, their 3 year old son, Ethan, and their forthcoming baby (still safe and warm inside Kolby) is a beautiful thing. It’s what brought these two families and all these lifelong friends together for this extraordinary celebration. And celebrate they did!

Thank you, Kolby and Neil, for letting us into the depths of your beautiful love story. Here’s a taste of what we saw and felt…


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  • sweet mother-daughter moment before wedding
  • emotional moment before wedding
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