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Metanoia – A Wedding Photography Workshop by Two Mann Studios

Before photography (and kids), we were both professional educators. Our roots and passion has always been in coaching and inspiring growth & development in others. This is why we’re continually striving to make our wedding photography workshop better and better. It’s grown and improved to the point that we feel it deserves a new, improved name.

Introducing… METANOIA – A workshop by Two Mann Studios

A noun of Greek origin, Metanoia (me-ta-noi-a) describes “a fundamental change of thinking; a transformative change of heart.” We couldn’t think of a better word to describe the heart & soul of this workshop… what we’re aspiring to achieve.

With unfiltered access to our perspectives on photography, weddings, business & life; this workshop delves deep beyond the surface of weddings and photography… into the elusive places where art & creativity is born. It’s a no-holds-barred, 3-day, full-emersion experience for wedding photographers aspiring to push their craft to another level.

The workshop explores the far reaches of:

“Seeing” – transforming the way you see the world & re-awakening your imagination

High-performance – mastering your ability to perform to potential

Natural light – seeing & exploiting it in ways you never imagined

Manufactured light – demystifying off-camera flash & re-imagining the way you create & shape light

Composition – breaking all the “rules” & freeing your mind about photography being “correct”

Moments – documenting reality to capture them authentically with compelling light & composition

Shitty locations – turning the mundane into the insane

Workflow – examining Two Mann’s entire process, start to finish

Post-production wizardry – maximizing the impact of your imagery

Critique – growing through honest, introspective critique in a safe place

Community – lifetime membership in our exclusive on-line alumni forum

… and everything else you’ve ever wanted to know about us or our photography. This wedding photography workshop is essentially a big honest window into our world; where we pour every bit of our heart & soul into transforming you into a more powerful human photographer.

For our latest workshop information, please join this group.

  • Bird's eye view of father walking his daughter down the aisle at wedding ceremony
  • Groom helping bride climb up mountain trail during outdoor wedding
  • Shirtless groom spitting wine across dance floor into groomsman's open mouth with bride cheering on at Island Lake Lodge in Fernie, BC
  • Bride and groom walk down the aisle smiling
  • Bride and groom staring out into Sandals Emerald Bay on a starry night
  • Man playing guitar while another man watch
  • Silhouettes of groomsmen drinking and smoking at beachfront bar
  • Woman in dress laying on the floor with spots of sunlight
  • Bride, father-of-the-bride, ring bearer and flower girls at wedding precessional
  • Silhouette of bride and groom running at sunset in Maui, Hawaii
  • Bride showering with son watching
  • Engaged couple silhouetted amongst backlit bokeh
  • Clasped hands of nervous bride with henna and wedding ring
  • Wedding ceremony at oceanfront
  • Best man gives bride strip dance and tease
  • Bride in wedding dressing on mountain top with double rainbow in sky
  • Bride's veil blowing in the wind
  • a bride standing on a rock in the waters of Lake Louise
  • Bride in underwear and veil preparing to get dressed into her wedding dress
  • Couple in love kissing with kids playing on construction site silhouetted at sunset in Thailand.
  • Ryan Brenizer dancing at his wedding reception in Brooklyn, New York
  • Muddy high heels with leaves stuck to heel
  • Wedding reception dance floor at dark
  • Groom with his hand around bride's back during outdoor ceremony
  • bride and groom standing on top of mountain in Waterton Lakes Canada
  • new couple stepping on rocks with background of turquoise waters of Lake Louise and Mount Victoria
  • Partygoers dance as a bottle of champagne is opened
  • Priest, groom and crying bride during church ceremony
  • Friends and family with hands on bride and groom praying
  • Lanny Mann from Two Mann Studios dancing to Michael Jackson at party
  • Groom holding blue umbrella for bride as they walk down highway
  • groom and groomsmen crowd surfing the bride at night in the pool
  • Reflection of man and woman embracing with snowy evergreen trees outside at night
  • bride and groom on a background of Zion's steep red cliffs
  • Woman applies mascara for the bride.
  • bride and groom walking on the beach at sunset in Devonshire United Kingdom
  • a groom taking a shower
  • bride's strong dance at reception
  • Young girl is intrigued by wedding makeup.
  • close up of groom kissing his bride
  • A couple stand seaside with a foreground of the sky and clouds
  • Bride and groom laugh together as a friend delivers a toast.
  • groom and groomsmen holding bride up in the pool
  • groom reaching one hand out to grab his bride at shores of Lake Louise
  • newlyweds cutting the cake with settings of hotel building in Devon UK
  • A couple walk among the mountains on a frosty winter morning.