Toronto Chinese Wedding Photography - Two Mann Studios

Toronto Chinese Wedding Photography – Vivian & Greg’s Wedding by Two Mann Studios

Being the purveyors of Vivian and Greg’s Toronto Chinese wedding photography was a documentary photographer’s dream come true! These two are just so full of life, love and good vibes, and every aspect of their wedding reflected that. Vivian’s laugh is downright infectious, and her friends know just how to pull it out of her. Vivian’s expressions alone, in fact, would have been enough to fill our frames with jubilance and our hearts with adoration. But we all got to witness her happiness in not one, not two, not three… but four different dresses! And we got to witness and photograph the stories around those dresses in not one, not two, but three different locations throughout Toronto.

First up, a pink-stuccoed Airbnb where ridiculous and hilarious door games eventually granted Greg’s access to Vivian in her vibrant red dress. Witnessing and documenting this with our cameras was so much fun!

After an intimate tea ceremony, and a quick transition into Vivian’s white ceremony dress, it was off to the glorious Casa Loma for a beautiful wedding ceremony amongst loved ones of all ages.

Afterwards, it was off to the funky Evergreen Brickworks, where Vivian’s sparkly reception dress stole the show! Which is hard to do… everything about this place is super cool, and Vivian and Greg made it their own with so many little details. And the food was amazing… trust us, Vivian & Greg (too busy having fun to eat).

Finally, Vivian’s sleek dancing dress made an appearance to round out the night on the dance floor.

Elle & Be Films… always fun working with you (can’t wait to see your film)!

Hunt and Gather Floral… killer flowers, you guys!

Farhad Khan… thanks for all your help, and your big smiles!

Rebecca Chan Weddings… thank you for the smooth wedding day experience!

Thank you, Vivian and Greg, for choosing us for your Toronto Chinese wedding photography! Thank you for trusting us with these memories.

  • groom helping bride down stairs amongst flowers with castle behind
  • silhouette of chinese bride during hair prep in front of green leaves
  • chinese bride in red dress getting help with dress in blue room
  • chinese bride holding her parents hands
  • groomsman assisting groom with suspenders before wedding ceremony
  • groomsman helping groom with bowtie before wedding ceremony
  • groom adjusting suit reflected in bathroom mirror
  • groomsman takes bridal party selfie with groom and groomsmen
  • chinese groom with red envelopes
  • chinese wedding door games
  • chinese groom and groomsmen share a laugh during wedding games
  • chinese groomsman with face on groomsman bum during door games at chinese wedding
  • Mother of bride adjusting wedding dress
  • grandmother arriving in wheelchair to chinese wedding ceremony
  • little chinese boy hugging dad during wedding ceremony
  • chinese grandmother sitting alone at wedding ceremony
  • bride and bridesmaid descending stairs to ceremony
  • chinese bride with father of the bride before ceremony
  • bride with dad and kids before wedding ceremony
  • little boy ring bearer coming down isle during wedding ceremony with sign
  • chinese groom reaction to bride coming down isle at ceremony
  • father of the bride giving his daughter to the groom at chinese wedding ceremony
  • bride and groom holding hands during wedding ceremony
  • bride and groom during wedding ceremony with stained glass reflection
  • bride and groom holding hands during wedding ceremony with priest
  • groom touching parents hands during wedding ceremony recessional
  • bride and groom portrait surrounded by green leafy trees
  • bride and groom laughing while holding hands and being lifted up by bridal party
  • black and white wedding portrait with bride and groom surrounded by trees
  • bride in wedding dress reaching for grooms hand
  • bride and groom wedding portrait beneath open architectural roof and blue sky
  • chinese bride in underwear getting help with wedding dress from bridesmaids
  • partially dressed bride sitting anxiously with shoes
  • toronto-chinese-wedding-photography-portrait of bride in wedding dress laying down in dramatic light and shadow
  • close up of brides eye in dramatic light and shadow
  • close up of bride sipping cocktail through a straw in dramatic light
  • chinese bride and groom laughing during speeches at wedding reception
  • black and white bride and groom first dance backlight
  • chinese groom and winking bride during first dance with band behind
  • groomsmen performance during wedding reception
  • bridesmaid dancing with bride and groom watching and laughing
  • aladdin performance at wedding reception
  • aladdin performance at wedding reception with bride and groom laughing
  • chinese bride dancing at wedding reception with band
  • little boy dancing at wedding reception
  • bride and groomsman dancing at wedding reception
  • black and white photo of woman dancing and singing at wedding reception with arm up
  • bride dancing at wedding reception
  • wedding reception dance party dancing with tie around neck
  • Bride dancing with arms outstretched at wedding reception party
  • backlit portrait of bride and groom at dusk with lights and blue sky