Marissa & Huntington | Terranea Resort | Los Angeles, California - Two Mann Studios

Marissa & Huntington | Terranea Resort | Los Angeles, California

Once upon a time, at a wedding in California, a beautiful photographer and a handsome actor were the first to arrive for the ceremony. Strangers that day, they had no way of knowing that the next time they met at a wedding, it would be their own.

It was our absolute honour and delight to photograph the wedding of Marissa & Huntington in Los Angeles, California!

Marissa is a talented wedding photographer who’s work is intimidatingly awesome. She is kind, warm, inviting, and passionate. Huntington is a talented actor (Lethal Weapon, Sleepy Hollow, Bad Santa 2). He is kind, warm, inviting, and passionate. Their wedding, as you might imagine, was warm, inviting, and passionate. But that’s an understatement. The celebration was so much more that just the sum of Marissa and Huntington. What they ignite in each other, and amongst their friends and family, is exponential, and a treasure to watch and photograph. It was like a wildfire of warmth, kindness and passion, filling our hearts and frames.

Now, writing about “Marissa & Huntington” actually feels somewhat incomplete. “Marissa & Huntington & Zoe” is more like it. Their beautiful dog was a part of it all… practically one of the ladies throughout the morning… which was warm and inviting and beautiful. Marissa relaxed in a bubble bath, shared laughs and tears with friends and family, and integrated beautiful Jewish traditions like whispering secret advice to the bride. This was so poised and full of emotion, even through the room was silent. Meanwhile, Huntington and the boys were filling their morning with sports, hot tubs, cold tubs, saunas, beers & tears.

The remarkable Terranea Resort set the stage for everything. And what a stage it was. Their outdoor ceremony took place atop an idyllic sea cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean! It was extraordinary, but the intimate moments stole the show. And so did the food. And so did the heart felt speeches. And so did the band! Seriously, this band knocked everybody’s socks off!

Thank you to our good friend, Marlies, at M. Hart Photography for helping us out at this one!

Thank you to our friends from Amsterdam, Pui-Yuk & Remi, at Maru Films for being such great videographers to work alongside. We’re so excited to see their film!

And thank you to this awesome dream team…
Planning – Anna, A Good Affair
Hair & Makeup – Design Visage
Floral – Little Hill Floral Designs
Signs and Calligraphy – Leslie Taylor, Jacaranda Co.
Wedding Gown – Hayley Paige
Groom’s Tux – Emporio Armani
Dessert – Vanilla Bake Shop
Band – High Rize with de Bois Entertainment
Videographer – Maru Films

Marissa & Huntington (and Zoe)… what can we say? You stole our hearts. Thank you so much for choosing and trusting us. We really can’t wait to hang out with you again. Love you guys!

  • Silhouette of couple embracing with the backdrop of lights and a clouds
  • Dress and veil hang in bathroom where bride is taking a bath and sipping a drink
  • Woman closes her eyes and relaxes in bubble bath
  • Woman focuses on shaving her legs in bubble bath
  • One foot hangs out of the bathtub while woman shaves her leg
  • Zoe the dog comes over to say "Hi" to woman in bathtub
  • Dog lays on bed next to bride writing her vows
  • Sleep dog lays on bed with woman in the background
  • Two woman hold hands while reading vows from a sheet of paper
  • Bride laughs while reading vows in warmly lit room
  • Man with closed eyes taking a shower
  • Holding his hands together, man looks ahead
  • Men cheers glasses before drinking
  • Man applies deodorant while across from him an older man folds piece of fabric
  • Man holds clothe hanger with a dress shirt in his mouth
  • Man helps groom put on cufflinks
  • Man looks into reflection while adjusting bow tie
  • Man poses to check the fit of his suit jacket
  • Groom wipes away tears while reading wedding vows
  • Woman inspects wedding dress hanging in front of a bright window
  • Two woman help bride into wedding dress
  • Bride and her friend smile together
  • Dog lays in the lap of the bride who is wearing her wedding dress
  • Woman hands bride a floral head band in front of young girl
  • Woman with two children sit next to bride while she is getting her eye makeup applied
  • Bride takes a photo of young girl with a basket
  • Dad of the bride and the groom are seen smiling at the bride
  • Groom, bride, and the bride's father hold hands
  • Emotional woman looks ahead while holding a man's hand
  • Bride appears emotional as groom puts the wedding ring on her finger
  • Bride and groom kiss during wedding ceremony
  • The sun shines behind the newly-wed couple as they make their way down a hill
  • Woman leaps off the beach into the arms of her husband
  • Woman's feet standing on rocks next to dirtied shoes
  • Bride and groom are seen walking along the beach next to an idyllic sea
  • The veil flies as bride and groom embrace in front of ocean waves
  • Bride and groom walk across the shroud of trees
  • Man takes a drink while woman is seen smiling
  • Young girl hugs the bride
  • Woman checks the time while holding wedding vows
  • Bride and groom both wipe away tears at dinner table
  • Bride laughs with groom when a friend shrugs his shoulders
  • Child looks into the camera in photo of laughing couple
  • Guests at dining table are seen next to woman who is outside
  • Man drinks sparkling wine straight from the bottle
  • Bride dances with her father
  • Bride and groom are seen both crowd-surfing in chairs
  • Man cheers as the chair he is sitting in is lifted by the crowd
  • Bride and woman dance as band sings
  • Woman performs the limbo carefully as to not spill her drink
  • Bride's dress twirls as she dances
  • Two men dance on dance floor linking arms
  • Man triumphs after performing the limbo
  • Bride dances and sings with guests
  • Woman bends all the way back to perform limbo
  • Guest does air guitar and dances with hair in her face
  • Bride and groom leave footprints in the sand as they run across the beach