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Flossie & Keith’s Hong Kong Wedding

The alarms sounded at 3 AM, stirring us from dim-sum-induced slumber. Foggy confusion about where and what on Earth we were doing up at that ungodly hour gradually dissipated, as light from the Hong Kong skyline glowed upon meticulously packed camera bags. We’d traveled half way around the planet to photograph Flossie and Keith’s wedding in Hong Kong (not to be confused with Flossie and Keith’s wedding in Lake Como, photographed by the legendary Jose Villa).

Whose wedding starts at 3 AM? Who celebrates two weddings, on two continents? Who trusts those wedding memories to two paradoxically different photographers? Flossie and Keith do. Their zest for adventure, travel, and photography is boundless and inspiring (here they are on photoshoots all over the world). Their life is a wild adventure, and photographing their wedding would be 21 non-stop hours of exactly that.

Why were we up and ready to rock at 3 AM? Because Flossie was up and getting ready to rock at 3 AM (off 2 hours sleep, no less) into her first of, not one, not two, not three, not four, but five (5) show-stoping dresses! Helping her through each and every transformation was the incredible Christina Chen from San Fransisco, whose makeup artistry is as outstanding as her supportive energy.

Keith, meanwhile, was busy readying himself for the rigours ahead. As per Chinese wedding tradition, he would have to bribe and negotiate his way into Flossie’s home. Then, once inside, he would not be granted access to Flossie until he and his groomsmen performed a number of ridiculous tasks, dictated by Flossie’s bridesmaids. It was absolutely hilarious to witness and document. Shockingly enough, Keith was successful and Flossie’s dad eventually walked his daughter down the stairs of the luxurious home wherein Flossie has lived for 18 years. The whole place erupted into cheers!

After a beautiful tea ceremony and an intimate gathering at Keith’s classy apartment, we all headed over to the Grand Hyatt for a nice little ceremony and a lavish reception for 550 worldly guests. The entire place had been transformed into a magical, Lake Como inspired wonderland. Just walking into the place was like being transported into another world. We’re talking, more flowers than we imagined possible, chirping birds, mist-covered floor, and a life-size model water taxi built from scratch!? But that wasn’t the highlight of the night for us. Nor was the exquisite 10 course meal, which was unbelievable. It was the heart felt words spoken that brought these beautiful souls to tears and showed us how much they all mean to each other. That’s what this was all really about… celebrating life and each other and togetherness. Being there to document that for these families was a true honour.

A huge shout out to Joan, from White Bridal Salon, who worked tirelessly to pull this wedding dream off for Flossie and Keith. Joan was absolutely extraordinary at making sure so many moving parts came together flawlessly. Thanks for going above and beyond for us, Joan!

Thanks to our friend and alumnus from China, Henry XU for helping us out at this one (a few of these photos are his).

And Flossie and Keith, thank you for welcoming us into your celebration with open arms and flaming Lamborghinis! Documenting your wedding is an experience we’ll never forget. Thanks for trusting us with your memories!

Venue: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong | Planner & coordination: White Bridal Salon | Videography: T. Art Videography | Bridal hair & makeup: Christina Chen, Makeup by Quis | Bridal flowers & table centrepieces: Ellermann | Decorations & lighting production house: Wedding Garden | Hair & Makeup for moms & bridesmaids: Bart Ko & Jovi Chui of Beauté Make-up, Kelly Mak Hair & Make Up Styling | Live music: Unison Production | Wedding Invitation and stationery: Flare Paper n’ Style | Wedding cake & dessert table: Symphony Designer Cakes | Wedding favours: Marchesi 1824 | Chinese marriage customs specialist: Lo Kan Fong Chinese Wedding | Flossie’s Outfits: custom-made qipao; Galia Lahav, custom-made Zuhair Murad and Oscar de la Renta gowns for the dinner banquet; custom-made Barney Cheng gown for after-party

  • Surrounded by dark trees, groom holds bride's dress as they walk with rays of sunlight illuminating the path they cross
  • Woman yawns in reflection as she has her hair done
  • Man showers while in the foreground Chinese characters meaning double happiness are posted on a door
  • Woman's face appears next to a painting of a woman's face
  • Woman gets makeup applied in mirror that is next to snacks
  • Man gets his hair done with reflections from lighting fixtures
  • Man looks at himself in mirror as he ties his bow tie
  • Man has his bow tie adjusted while woman in background has her adjusted
  • Bridesmaids stand together on staircase looking at their phones
  • Reflection of groom is seen in the rear view mirror of a car
  • Bridesmaids take pictures and laugh together
  • Reflection of bridesmaids is seen in sunglasses of man wearing a fake mustache
  • Photograph of man is taken while he is getting his makeup done
  • Groom and groomsman play a game involving cookies
  • Bridesmaid video calls bride to show her the groom and groomsmen
  • Groom cheers as bride is walked down a staircase by her father
  • Groom cheers with friends and family in the background
  • Bridesmaids clap and cheer as bride is walked down a staircase by her father
  • Bride and groom stand together in front of seated couple
  • Bride and groom hold her parents hands
  • Woman and groom help bride put on gold bracelets
  • Bride in red and groom in black look at each other holding hands
  • Bride holds a number of golden bracelets
  • Bridesmaids sit together, talking and looking at their phones
  • Reflection of laughing bride is seen in the groom's sunglasses
  • A group of men cheers their shots
  • Bride has her makeup adjusted as groom sits waiting
  • Groomsmen takes picture of sleeping bridesmaids eye
  • Friends and family look forward in high spirits
  • Silhouette of women applying makeup in a car
  • Man's reflection is seen as he approaches a car
  • Bride and groom sit together in car with reflection of a red umbrella
  • Groom and bride during wedding ring ceremony
  • Bride and groom walk down aisle holding hands as confetti showers them from above
  • Women look at man as he finishes a drink
  • Two woman sitting together laugh
  • Woman performs limbo under rope seperator
  • Man and woman exchange high five
  • Groomsmen fall asleep in hotel room
  • Women kneels on chair covered in flower petals
  • Silhouettes of two men and woman getting her hair done
  • Two woman get their makeup done in front of mirrors
  • City skyline is seen with reflection of woman getting her hair done
  • Parallel images of groom adjusting his bow tie while bride dons her wedding dress
  • A team of woman helps bride into wedding dress
  • Newly wed couple hold hands looking into each other's eyes while they are surrounded by pink and purple flowers
  • Two men adjust framed photograph of couple
  • Bride raises her arms and laughs
  • Bride smiles as she holds her dress while walking with groom to audience applause
  • Newly wed couple drink together as woman delivers speech
  • Woman sings in front of image of couple embracing on a snowy mountaintop
  • Newly wed couple laugh and clap as man and woman address the crowd
  • Bride wipes away tears as she and her groom look forward