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Beth & Chad’s Wedding in Emerald Isle, North Carolina

One of the most crucial fundamentals of our adventures in wedding photography; is trust. Trust in the process. Trust in our gut. Trust from our couples. We rarely feel like hired help, we’re rarely treated as such, and our couples aren’t really clients so much as beautiful, fascinating humans who welcome us into their unique celebrations like friends with cameras. The epitome of this, was our experience at Beth and Chad’s wedding in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Beth and Chad trusted in us implicitly… not only to document their story and immortalize their memories… but to do so while beating the shit out of their very own camera gear. Beth and Chad just happen to be a world class professional wedding photography duo.

With great trust, comes great responsibility. When we first stumbled our way into the peculiar niche of photographing really, really good wedding photographer’s weddings… it was an intimidating, albeit humbling, endeavour to say the least … doing what they do so well for so many who trust in them… for them at their one and only wedding. That’s pressure, but having now photographed the weddings of world renowned photographers (Joseph RadhikThe Brenizers, Mike Rodriguez, Jamie Bott, Right Start Photography…) we’ve come to realize that the pressure is entirely self-imposed by nothing more than the ridiculously high expectations we place upon ourselves. The access, trust, and creative license we’re gifted at these weddings is remarkable and humbling. It’s an honour we cherish and pour everything we’ve got into fulfilling.

The real pressure to do Beth and Chad’s wedding justice, however, had less to do with our shared professions than with how much we fell in love with who they are. They’re just great people… down to earth… easy going… wholesome to the core. Their love for each other is a beautiful, enriching thing to be around. Embodying that in photos, and chronicling their wedding with their cameras was an exhilarating, challenging, hilarious affair. The whole experience was full of wondrous, downright bizarre plot twists… all of which Beth and Chad took in glorious stride, like water off a storm trooper’s back.

Beth, believe it or not, began her wedding day by baking homemade cinnamon buns for all the guests at their beach house rental. Chad, meanwhile, was a hot awesome mess for much of the day, with nary a drop of alcohol (he’s allergic), arriving at The Watson House without his shirt. He was, nonetheless, very well showered and squeaky clean.

Chad eventually found himself properly dressed, standing beneath a harrowingly erected arbor, anticipating the arrival of Beth and their beautiful dog, Geo. Meanwhile, Beth was absolutely beaming, cruising through the streets of Emerald Isle on the rooftop of a double decker bus. Ultimately, it all came together amongst the hurricane battered sand dunes of Emerald Isle beach in glorious, albeit challenging, light. Their hilarious friend, Mike Ball, delivered a beautiful ceremony in remarkably tight pants. It was all just perfect.

From there on in, things continued to be perfect, and weird… storm trooper cameos… inflatable dinosaurs… Jared Gant‘s head on a stick. One of the coolest surprises, however, was when Beth discovered that Chad had secretly arranged for their first dance to be live painted (that’s right, actually, physically painted) by the talented Dan Nelson Art. The painting was spectacular. As was Beth’s reaction.

In the end, we were all covered in champagne, smiling ear to ear, happy to have been part of such a great day with such a great group of people.

In writing this, I’ve become acutely aware that making these photos was the easy part. Finding the words to describe it all is exceedingly difficult. I keep thinking of David Allan Harvey‘s famous photography advice, “Don’t shoot how it looks. Shoot how it feels.” That mantra has always guided us in our photography, so rather than attempting to describe how this wedding felt, we’ll just hope these photos succeed in that.

Beth and Chad, we cherished every minute of this with you. Thanks for your invincible trust in us. We really cannot wait to hang out again soon!

Venue : The Watson House

Florist : Avalon Event Floral and the Watson House

Catering : Seaside Sensations

Painting : Dan Nelson Art

DJ : All Events DJ

Cake : Mrs. Vingerbers Sweets

Cookies : Insomnia Cookies

Bartender : Joe Cadorette

Bus : Beaufort Historical Association

  • Couple look into each other's eyes on Emerald Isle beach.
  • Hand in hand, a couple walk through a field of flowers.
  • A joyous couple walk together across bright sand to the backdrop of a picturesque sky.
  • A couple run across the beach with the reflection of their sprint
  • Piggybacking to prepare for the wedding ceremony.
  • Making cinnamon buns on the wedding morning.
  • Bride runs up brick steps carrying her wedding dress.
  • A whip of hair while getting ready for the wedding.
  • A woman inspects her eye makeup with a small mirror.
  • A woman roles her eyes to get her make up just right.
  • Selfies and contouring before the wedding.
  • Bride takes a sip of her drink.
  • Doing makeup and preparing the wedding dress for the big day.
  • Bride shows off her ring in her wedding dress.
  • Bride cries carefully as to not ruin her makeup.
  • Guitar tunes on a bright day.
  • Man closes his eyes as he takes a shower.
  • Wedding guests play football on the sun-soaked beach.
  • Friends chat on the deck while a man showers beach-side.
  • Shampooing on the beach.
  • A football flies across the beach sky.
  • A man trims his beard.
  • Lanny Mann photographs man showering outdoors.
  • A Stormtrooper helmet sits on a desk as the groom reviews his wedding vows.
  • Excited bride en route to her wedding ceremony.
  • A beach wedding ceremony surrounded by friends and family.
  • Bride is shocked when the groom delivers his vows.
  • Groom reaches out to kiss the bride's hand at their wedding.
  • A happy, well-dressed dog enjoys the exchanging of vows at the wedding ceremony.
  • Couple's first kiss as man and wife.
  • Bride and groom walking hand-in-hand away from the wedding ceremony.
  • Bride and groom cast long shadows as they walk away from their wedding ceremony.
  • The sun illuminates an ecstatic bride and groom.
  • Groom carries the bride's dress as the walk across Emerald Isle beach.
  • Bride and groom stand together among tall trees.
  • Bride and groom leave footprints on the beach.
  • Bride and groom carefully maneuver to position themselves on rocks on a creek.
  • The sun's golden beams illuminate the forest around the newlyweds.
  • Newly weds savor a moment on a double-decker bus.
  • Groom dons a Stormtrooper helmet during the first dance with the bride.
  • Tears roll as the groom shares a dance with his mother.
  • Bride and groom enjoy their first dance among friends and family.
  • Groom removes the garter from the bride in her dirtied dress from activities during the day.
  • Hair whips and air guitar at the wedding reception.
  • Sharing and overflowing drinks.
  • Groom enjoys a drink poured from high above.
  • Bride and groom on the party floor of their wedding reception.
  • No nipples showing through this shirt!
  • Woman pours a drink for the bride.
  • Groom cuddles a cardboard cut out of a fellow wedding photographer.
  • Bride and bridesmaid bust out the moves on the dance floor.
  • Wedding guest's tie acts as the bar for an impromptu limbo session with the bride.
  • Groom shows off his suspenders.
  • Groom donning a Stormtrooper helmet stands between two friends in inflated dinosaur costumes.
  • Young girl watches as the bride and her friend work on their dance moves.
  • A young Stormtrooper is shocked by a woman enjoying a drink from a high pour.
  • Hugs and smiles for the wedding photographers!
  • Bride and groom run through a shower of Champagne.
  • The dance floor and the bride and groom are showered with Champagne.
  • Bridesmaid offers her dress for the bride to wipe tears, Champagne and makeup after a long night of partying.
  • Groom embraces bride to the backdrop of a scenic waterfall.
  • Groom helps bride across a creek.
  • Boots and dirty wedding dresses on this hike.