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Susan & Jo’s Winter Wedding in Lake Louise, Canada

From the first tantalizing sip, to the last succulent drop; basking in Susan and Jo’s wedding celebration was like savouring an exquisite bottle of fine wine.

Like a big red splashing into the decanter, anticipation for the flavours and feelings of their wedding blossomed between our first Skype encounter, and finally getting to meet Susan and Jo on the morning of their wedding in Lake Louise. Arriving to their smiles and hugs was like that first glorious sip that warms you right down to your toes, authenticating all suspicions that for this particular celebration, something exceptional has been uncorked.

Professional surgeons from New York City, Susan and Jo travelled all the way across the frozen continent to wed amongst the snow-cloaked mountains of the Canadian Rockies. Inspired by nature’s grandeur and the finer comforts of life, they curated a top-shelf experience for their friends and family to include both the Chateau Lake Louise‘s unparalleled vistas and the Post Hotel‘s legendary wine collection (of which said friends and family depleted with joyous abandon).

Their morning was savoured in quiet, reflective fashion — Susan, with her mom, sisters and mimosas — Jo, with his dad, wine and charcuterie. Outside, beneath sapphire-blue skies, frozen mountains sparkled like Susan’s jewel-encrusted dress. The vibe was ripe, the stage was set, Susan and Jo were ready to go.

Their intimate little ceremony, complete with elegant string vibrations and plenty of bubbly, was befitting of the classic, quintessential library in which dear friends and family gathered around lovingly.

Warmed from within by love and vine, we all headed out into the snow and ice where family portraits took place on a frozen skating pond, and Susan and Jo ascended mountain slopes through hip-deep powder. Despite frozen fingers and boot-fulls of snow, Susan and Jo were like two joyful kids playing in a winter wonderland. It’s almost as if… they like each other.

What better way to thaw out, than with world-class food, heart-warming speeches and more exquisite wine? With a final sloppy glass, wobbly dance moves and big purple smiles, that’s how!

Susan and Jo, your wedding was bottled poetry! Savouring it with you was a privilege; chronicling it for you, an honour. Thanks for trusting us with these top-shelf memories. Here’s to enjoying them again and again as they mature with age.

Special thanks to Joanne from Mountain Beauties, Amy from Lynn Fletcher Weddings, and Josue from Pez Productions, for working their magic!

  • A couple walk among the mountains on a frosty winter morning.
  • Bride is seen reflecting and her dress is in the background.
  • A smiling bride and her mother prepare for the wedding day.
  • The wedding dress hangs in a room that is warmly contrasted to the cold outdoors.
  • The groom and his family and friends enjoy wine before his wedding day.
  • The bride tries on her wedding dress and looks at her reflection.
  • Groom looks down as he buttons his shirt cuff.
  • Bride and bridesmaid chat and laugh.
  • Groom takes a sip of wine in a reflection with snow and evergreen trees.
  • A proud father talks with the bride who is silhouetted by the light outside of the room.
  • Silhouette of two men drinking wine with snow-capped evergreen trees in the background.
  • Bride, bridesmaid, and the bride's father look at a young boy in the hotel hallway.
  • Silhouette of violinist is seen with sheet music in the foreground.
  • Groom is seen from below anticipating the wedding ceremony.
  • Groom's jeweled and manicured hands are tightly clasped together.
  • Bride and groom's wedding ceremony illuminated by warm lamps.
  • Bride and groom share a portrait with their dog.
  • The snow-capped forest blur around the newly-wed couple.
  • Groom helps bride get the snow out her boots.
  • Bride and groom make their way up a hill and an illuminated mountain is reflected in the foreground.
  • Bride and groom laugh together as a friend delivers a toast.
  • A newly wed couple share a laugh together.
  • Obscured by warm lights and candles a friend delivers a speech for the newly-wed couple.
  • Bride and groom react warmly to friend's speech.
  • Groom delivers a speech illuminated by warm lights.
  • Friends and family look adoringly as couple share their first dance as man and wife.
  • Guests dance and sing at the wedding reception.
  • The bride busts out her dance moves.
  • Two friends dance together at the wedding reception.
  • Guests dance and dresses billow on the dance floor.
  • Guests having a good time at the wedding reception.
  • Dancing in slipper!
  • Groom, photographer, and guest pose together.
  • A newly-wed couple stand on the frozen Lake Louise in Banff, Canada.