Madeleine and Katie's Wedding in Calgary, Alberta - Two Mann Studios

Madeleine and Katie’s Wedding in Calgary, Alberta

Drake the Cat knew something was up. There was a special energy in his cute little home that morning. Not only were Madeleine and Katie spending an inordinate amount of time getting ready (as in, any amount greater than probably 60 seconds), but four peculiar humans had descended upon his territory; two armed with hair and makeup brushes (Blush and Coco), and two with cameras and lenses (Erika and me). But Drake was cool with it, because Madeleine and Katie were cool with it. More than cool with it, they were beaming.

The rare matter of our commute not involving trans-continental flights turned out to be the least of so many things that made Madeleine and Katie’s wedding a complete and utter delight for us to witness and document. Jane Paterson‘s sweet little ceremony on the lawns outside Crescent Heights Community Hall was beautifully delivered and perfectly timed to beat the impending storm clouds. Every single one of Madeleine and Katie’s friends and family members were genuinely warm, open, loving souls who welcomed us into their jubilant celebration with open arms and hearts. Bite pulled off an impressive dinner experience for everyone, whilst the most hilarious speeches had us all in stitches. And then, Brenton Thompson, interactive DJ extraordinaire from Manitoba, kicked in. This guy is unbelievable! Talk about knowing how to get the party going, and keep it going all night long!

When Madeleine and Katie finally made it back home in the wee hours of the morning, buzzed and exhausted, beautiful as ever, happy as ever, in love as ever; Drake the Cat was waiting. Everything was purfect.

Madeleine and Katie, what can we say? Thanks for trusting us with your memories. Immortalizing this celebration for you and your family was our absolute honour. Coffee, trails and wine awaits you in Canmore!

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