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Jena & Sameer’s Wedding in Dallas, Texas

Charmi Peña is one of our photography heroes. Heck, she’s one of our human heroes. Hence, when she advised her family to trust Two Mann Studios with the memories of Jena and Sameer’s multicultural wedding, we were honoured; then anxious; then terrified; then, ultimately, rewarded with the gratifying pleasure of documenting a beautiful union of two wonderful families. Even though Charmi was tasked with recommending the photographers who’d shoulder this responsibility, Jena and Sameer and every one of their family members welcomed us right in like trusted friends. We were humbled, start to finish, by their unfettered love for one another, and oblivious trust in us to commemorate it.

Jena and Sameer did, however, communicate one small reservation. They feared their wedding wouldn’t live up to the “wild n’ crazy” celebrations they’ve seen on our blog. This is actually a common misperception that we’re accustomed to addressing. The truth is, we cherish the eclectic vibes of all our weddings; from the quietest, most understated of gatherings to the raunchiest of escapades to everything in-between.

Jena and Sameer are beautifully modest humans, and even though their celebration was free from flying dildostuxedo g-strings, and shenanigans like this, it was overflowing with the things we find most fascinating; expressive emotions, nuanced relationships, and profound, multi-cultural, multi-generational affection. Oh, and not that it matters, but in the end, their friends and family went absolutely buck-wild on the dance floor… their parents and grandparents in particular!

Heavenly picturesque and hotter than the hinges of hell, the remarkable grounds of the Nasher Sculpture Center set the scene beneath a blazing texan sun. Mandi Fullerton spun all the moving parts amidst the fragrant artistry of Luxe Petals. In the speckled shade of a glorious willow giant, we got to witness Jena and Sameer’s love (and Brian Morgan’s words) conjoin two beautiful families. What followed was an evening of exquisite food (as to be anticipated from the fine tastes of a revered restauranteur like Sameer), heart-felt words, and a lively dance party fuelled by the high-energy live music of Royal Dukes Band. Through and through it all, was our beloved friend, Tina Shah Doshi, supporting us start to finish.

Jena and Sameer, thanks for trusting in Charmi’s esteemed endorsement. Immortalizing the magic of your momentous day was our genuine honour.

  • Silhouette of newly-wed couple under the leaves of weeping trees.
  • Bride prepares for her wedding with the reflection of a high-rise building.
  • Wedding gown on a chair.
  • Bride does her eyebrow makeup.
  • Little girl walks toward bride as she has her hair done.
  • Little girl sits on bride's lap as she gets ready.
  • Woman hangs up "Just Married" decoration.
  • Bride's reflection as she has her hair done.
  • Man inspects his glasses.
  • Man cleans his glasses.
  • Woman puts on bright lipstick.
  • Man carefully shaves his head.
  • Dimly-lit by two lamps, a man shaves his head.
  • Groom prepares and gets dressed before the wedding.
  • Ladies get ready for the wedding.
  • Young boy watches as women adjust the bride's wedding veil.
  • Bridesmaids steam wrinkles out of wedding veil.
  • Groom hugs his mother before the wedding ceremony.
  • Beaming bride walks with her father at the wedding ceremony.
  • Wedding ceremony with the reflection of sky and trees.
  • Bride and groom smile during exchange of rings.
  • Wedding guests cheer as newly-wed couple share their first kiss.
  • Groom's back as he kisses the bride.
  • Bride and groom laugh as they walk together holding hands.
  • Silhouette of couple at the top of a staircase.
  • Two women dance at the wedding reception.
  • Bride hugs man as the band plays in the background.
  • Bride dances with woman at the wedding reception.
  • Bride and bridesmaid hug a woman.
  • Party guests watch as groom dances with his mother.
  • Men having a good time at the wedding reception.
  • Busting out the moves at the wedding reception.
  • Women dance and pose on the dance floor.
  • Weddings guests dance.
  • Wedding guest dances with his arms around two other guests.
  • Bride having a good time at her wedding reception.
  • Confetti flies as the newly-wed couple walk down the aisle.