Best of 2019 - Two Mann Studios

Best of 2019

Our 2019 adventures in wedding photography gifted us extraordinary experiences with extraordinary people.

These 2019 numbers made possible by a whole lot of trust from a whole lot of people:

123,000 km traversed across 4 continents and 5 oceans.
10,300 hand-crafted photos delivered.
12 sold out workshops in 8 countries on 4 continents (alumni from 42 countries).
11 more Oscars from Fearless Photographers.
9 countries travelled by plane, train, automobile, bicycle, kayak, canoe, ski, and paraglider.
8 keynote performances in 6 countries on 4 continents.
7 diverse weddings celebrated in 5 countries.
2 kids world-schooled through 5 countries across 4 continents.
1 epic Alumni Reunion.

Below are just some of our (and your) favourite wedding photos from this past year. For a deeper, more meaningful dive into the heart and soul of these weddings, strap in for the full rides here:

Also below; our 2019 Fearless Awards, featuring photos from these legendary weddings:

Our 2019 would not have been possible without a lot of help from a lot of friends:

  • Mariya Besidina made sure every Two Mann client received an exceptional experience, start to finish. No matter where Erika and I were in the world, Mariya ensured all our past, current, and future were in competent, caring hands.
  • James Jensen at Atom Graphics designed this dream website.
  • Clark Lai at Motiv Studio built and maintained this dream website (and helped you find it on Google).
  • DVLOP made us these special Two Mann presets that we used to help process all our photos in 2019.
  • Profoto continued to trust us with crazy adventures like this (every flash lit photo we made in 2019 was with Profoto lights).
  • The Image Salon allowed us to have and enjoy our life again this year.
  • PicTime provided our clients with beautifully displayed online galleries.
  • Fundy Designer helped us design beautiful albums for our clients.
  • Graphi Studios brought our work to life in prints and albums for our clients.
  • Fearless Photographers continued to redefine wedding photography across the globe, and recognized us each individually as two of the Top Wedding Photographers in the World again in 2019.
  • AbbyDaveJenn, and Jeff helped us sift for gold.
  • And finally, most importantly, lovers and photographers around the world gifted us with their trust.

2019 didn’t suck, but neither did this:

Thanks to each and every beautiful human who was a part of our life in 2019. Stay tuned in 2020 for our most ambitious plans yet!