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ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter – Lanny Mann

September 21st was a big day for the Two Mann Studios team (Lanny and I). We photographed an unbeleivably crazy and magical wedding that was modelled after the Burning Man Festival (photos coming soon to our blog). After photographing for 17 straight hours, we had finally completed our coveted 50th wedding (minus about 90 hours of post wedding work). This small milestone meant that we could both finally apply to become members of the highly esteemed ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers), home to many of the best photographers from all over the world. Limiting ourselves to just 15 weddings per year made our journey to 50 a long one. But along the way, we’d amassed a body of work from which to submit to the exceedingly competitive ISPWP quarterly contest.

We woke up today to the much anticipated results from our first ever round of submissions and were absolutely floored. Having received 21 awards (9 for me and 12 for Lanny), I’d managed to place 3rd overall and Lanny won 1st place overall and earned the title of “ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter.” Given the remarkable imagery, talent, and level of competition that this contest attracts, we’re absolutely stunned by the results.

I’m so proud of my Lanman (it’s not very often that pet name comes out). While his unrelenting passion, obsessive editing and work ethic at times really pisses me off, I have to hand it to my man this time around. His imagination, creativity and imagery is consistently outstanding on so many levels. He works harder than any other person I know, and like any good husband, he does a pretty good job making my work look good too:) Thanks babes!

We’ll be cracking open a bottle of Amarone this evening to celebrate and acknowledge all the other amazing photographers who inspire us on a daily bases. What an amazing collection of images and inspiring group of photographers to be a part of. You can check out all of the incredible winning photos here.

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