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Best of 2015

2015 was a crazy year. Our cameras took us to 12 countries on 4 continents. We taught Balls Out Workshops to photographers from all over the world. We spoke at WPPI in Vegas, Zero Regrets in Melbourne, Canada Photo Convention in Toronto, Nine Dots in London, and FDF in Seville. Erika shot a medical relief team in Ghana. And we spent 4 months travelling through AustraliaGreece, and Croatia with our kids (ages 5 & 7).

But this post isn’t about any of that. It’s about the 10 weddings we were entrusted with in 2015. Charlotte & Jamie‘s rainy UK wedding, where we shot our hearts out for an international award-winning photographer (no pressure). Sara & Adam‘s wedding-turned-shirtless-rager at Island Lake LodgeMichelle & Phil‘s mountain-top wedding in the clouds at Kicking Horse MtnBailey & Doug‘s beautiful wedding on the turquoise shores of Lake LouisePaige & Daniel‘s hippie wedding in our own home town of Canmore, Alberta. Tonia & Colin‘s intimate and emotional one-of-a-kind wedding celebration. Angela & Dan‘s windy wedding in Waterton National ParkMandy & Brad‘s blustery Lake House wedding in Calgary. Jess & Aaron‘s autumn wedding at The Clearing in Ontario. And Grace & Matt (wedding photography super duo)’s wedding in Zion National Park.

We can’t really find the words to express how deeply honoured we are to have been trusted with these memories. We can only hope that this honour shines through in our work.

Here are just a few of our favourite images from those 10 unforgettable weddings.

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Canadian Creatives: Our Favourite Shots

This year, we teamed up with 6 fellow Canadian photographers to launch Canadian Creatives, an image collective aimed at celebrating creativity in Canadian photography and showcasing the best images from across the country, regardless of genre. We are incredibly proud to be a part of this talented, versatile team along with Paul Zizka, Dave Brosha, John E. Marriott, Joel Robinson, Viktoria Haack and Wayne Simpson. With over 500 image posts to date, the initiative has already grown to over 14,000 followers on Instagram.

To kick off 2016, we thought we would create a joint blog post showcasing a “best of” image from each of our fellow Canadian Creative curators. We were each randomly assigned a photographer and asked to select just one of their images from 2015. So here are our picks, along with a descriptions as to why each curator chose that image.
If you haven’t already, please take a moment to check out the Instagram and Canadian Creatives portfolio of each of our colleagues and don’t forget to tag your Instagram images with #CanadianCreatives for an opportunity to have your work shared with our growing community.
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Balls Out in Greece – International Wedding Photography Workshop

At several points during the last week, we had to pinch ourselves. We literally looked around and thought, “damn!?” There we were, in a mountain-top villa, overlooking the Aegean Sea, teaching, learning and sharing with photographers from every corner of the globe. Our first international workshop “marathon” (6 solid days) took place in Marathon, Greece. We had photographers join us from Dubai, India, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada and Greece. It was so cool to listen to all the different languages and accents, and to hear about all the different (and similar) wedding cultures from around the world. But more than anything, the week confirmed our belief and experience that wedding photographers, across the world, can be one the most fun, outgoing, and humble subcultures.

I’m not sure if it was the rich multiculturalism, Yiannis’ nightly cocktails, the Duchies hilarious banter, Monique’s amazing home cooked meals, the pure awesomeness of the location, or a combination of it all, but there was something truly unique and undefinable about these workshops. Lanny and I feed off the energy of the group, and this combination of photographers brought such an incredible energy. Bringing together a group of amazing people for a Balls Out Workshop is something we can only ever hope for… not something we can create. If you’ve seen Lanny and I speak, you’ve heard us talk about “The Art of Getting Lucky.” As luck would have it, we seem to get lucky with our workshop groups. The learning that takes place is multidirectional. I am pretty sure that Lanny and I come away from our workshops having learnt more than everyone else!

We also owe a huge, heart felt thank you to Thanasis Kaiafas, who’s help and local knowledge was instrumental in bringing these workshops to life!

We left Greece exhausted, excited, filled with love, and hungry to create more experiences like this for ourselves and others.  We have some new, really exciting workshop announcements (and scholarship opportunities) coming very soon! If you’d like to be the first to know, just request to be added to our “Two Mann Workshop News” group on Facebook.

Thank you SO MUCH, to all the incredible photographers who have trusted us on this journey. We are so lucky to be able to share what we love, with people we love, in places we love.

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the Greece workshops, taken mostly by  all the talented photographers in the groups (plus a few from our live demo shoots).

And thank you to Jesse for these kind words!




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“Lanny and Erika Mann will show you how to maximize your performance as a wedding photographer, by consciously pursuing and capitalizing on luck. Learn how to push yourself—and your art—beyond your comfort zone, into the places where the magic happens. This presentation will transform the psychological landscape that shapes the way you see, think, and shoot—forever.”


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I’m not going to lie, we were scared shitless about photographing Dave and Quin. Not only are they two of the most creative wedding photographers on the planet, but we were shooting them in front of 8 other professional photographers. Why would we do this to ourselves, you ask? As part of our Balls Out Workshop, we preform a live shooting demo. Lanny decided we “work better under pressure” and “outside our comfort zone,” so he asked Dave and Quin to come along and be our ‘models.’ We had heard a lot about Dave and Quin, and use their Motibodo software on a daily basis, but had never actually had the chance to hang out with them in person (despite living only an hour away). Fortunately for us, they happen to be two of the most fun loving people we have ever met. We were immediately put at ease within their presence and, what was at first naively intimidating, turned into 2 hours of laughter and play. Thank you so much Dave and Quin! We’re looking forward to hanging out again sometime soon, sans cameras.

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ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter – Lanny Mann

September 21st was a big day for the Two Mann Studios team (Lanny and I). We photographed an unbeleivably crazy and magical wedding that was modelled after the Burning Man Festival (photos coming soon to our blog). After photographing for 17 straight hours, we had finally completed our coveted 50th wedding (minus about 90 hours of post wedding work). This small milestone meant that we could both finally apply to become members of the highly esteemed ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers), home to many of the best photographers from all over the world. Limiting ourselves to just 15 weddings per year made our journey to 50 a long one. But along the way, we’d amassed a body of work from which to submit to the exceedingly competitive ISPWP quarterly contest.

We woke up today to the much anticipated results from our first ever round of submissions and were absolutely floored. Having received 21 awards (9 for me and 12 for Lanny), I’d managed to place 3rd overall and Lanny won 1st place overall and earned the title of “ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter.” Given the remarkable imagery, talent, and level of competition that this contest attracts, we’re absolutely stunned by the results.

I’m so proud of my Lanman (it’s not very often that pet name comes out). While his unrelenting passion, obsessive editing and work ethic at times really pisses me off, I have to hand it to my man this time around. His imagination, creativity and imagery is consistently outstanding on so many levels. He works harder than any other person I know, and like any good husband, he does a pretty good job making my work look good too:) Thanks babes!

We’ll be cracking open a bottle of Amarone this evening to celebrate and acknowledge all the other amazing photographers who inspire us on a daily bases. What an amazing collection of images and inspiring group of photographers to be a part of. You can check out all of the incredible winning photos here.

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Best Wedding Photos in the World

We’ve started our new year off with a really incredible surprise! One of our images was selected for inclusion within Junebug Wedding’s latest Best of the Best 2012 Wedding Photos Collection. Out of 7000 images from 39 countries, 50 select images were chosen to represent the best wedding photos in the world. We are so thrilled and humbled to be included within this circle of some of the worlds most telented wedding photographers.

Thank you so much Junebug Weddings. Also, a huge congratulations and thank you to Michelle + Peter for welcoming us into their beautiful wedding.

Photo by Erika. Lighting and post-production by Lanny.

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