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Vow Renewal

Kelly & Leif’s Vow Renewal in Bali, Indonesia

Among infinite random occurrences that conspired to bring these photos into existence, two of the more critical and obvious happened 5 years ago. First and foremost, Kelly and Leif got married at River Music Experience in Davenport, IA. Coincidentally, many miles away, Erika and I were diving into our very first wedding photography workshop… embarrassingly named Balls Out!

Its was 2014. Kelly and Leif had began their storied adventures in married life together. Erika and I unintentionally began our adventures in photography education. These two seemingly unrelated paths were just that. Until, that is, Erika and I announced our 2019 Metanoia Workshop in Bali, Indonesia. Within 2 hours, it had filled up entirely with 12 professional photographers from 7 countries on 3 continents. Kelly, a rocking Quad City wedding photographer, was one of them.

A few weeks later, we received this e-mail from Kelly:

“Hey Guys! Our 5 year wedding anniversary is March 1 & we plan to do a very informal vow renewal while in Bali for your workshop. When we got married in 2014, I had my dad do my photos and took self portraits because we were broke… so if you guys can do this, I want to do it! Date and time are totally flexible – I am thinking 2 hours or something… we only plan to read each other letters in some pretty location with portraits afterwards. Just us. 🙂 Let me know a quote or if this is even possible!!”

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A couple stand seaside with a foreground of the sky and clouds
Woman lies in a floral bathtub with her dress hanging beside it
Aerial view of a man taking a shower under a tree
Woman sticks her legs out of a bathtub filled with flowers
Woman has her picture taken by a phone
Man styles his hair in front of a mirror
Woman does her hair in front of a mirror with her dress hanging beside her
A bra is handed to a woman as she puts on her dress
Man stretches in front of a mirror
Woman puts on feet jewelry
Man with a wreath gives a thumb up as he covers his own eyes
A couple stand side by side laughing
A couple kiss as workshop attendees photograph and look on
Silhouette of a couple looking at each other by the sea with foreground of tropical trees
Friends and workshop attendees witness vow renewal of a couple in Bali, Indonesia
A couple kiss each other holding hands by the sea
A couple walk hand in hand along the beaches of Bali, Indonesia
Woman with holds her dress as she walks onto the beach
Silhouette of a couple walking hand in hand by the sea with reflection on the ground
Woman's feet covered with sand on the beach
Couple walk hand in hand in Bali in the evening
A happy couple stand together sharing laughter by the sea
Silhouette of a couple walking hand in hand with a foreground of the shadows of tropical trees at dusk