Michelle & Jared’s Wedding | IslandWood, Bainbridge Island | Seattle, Washington

Drenched in nature, friendship, and authenticity, Michelle and Jared’s laidback wedding-retreat in the woods of Bainbridge Island is everything we love about weddings, people and life. No glitz and glamour (apart from sunscreen and bug spray). No grandeur (apart from a canopy tower high up in the colossal treetops). No drama (apart from entertaining performances by their eccentric, theatrical friends). No pageantry (apart from a hilariously executed puppet show). Just genuine ‘ol fun and down-to-earth good times. Nature set the stage. Sincerely wonderful people set the vibe.

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Silhouette of bride and groom holding hands behind autumn leaves
People gather around campfire in high spirits
Acoustic band performing
Behind the scenes of a puppet show in front of an audience
Man with acoustic guitar singing
Audience laughs at ongoing performance
Person gives a thumbs up from inside a hollow tree
Group of people climb a tower among trees
People walk down an open, metal tower
Snail crawling towards a lady
Bride getting her hair done
Man getting out of shower while a woman gets her hair done down the hall
Man with fingers locked behind his back watching a woman get her hair done
Wedding ceremony in progress on a green lawn
Bride and groom exchanging rings
Newly wed couple embrace from a tree top view
Silhouette of a couple holding hands surrounded by trees and fog
Man lines up his croquet shot
Woman does a bridge pose while behind her, a bride and groom dance
Girl does a handstand while woman catches a frisbee
Three young girls perform
A man performs under spotlights
A man makes a speech to the bride and groom while a photographer takes photos
Emotional bride wipes away tears while sitting beside groom
Woman addresses an captivated audience
The bride and groom sit together as toasts are raised to a man giving a speech
A newly wed couple dance together as people watch
A woman dances with other people
A woman dances on the floor next to two friends
Two woman dance facing each other
Party guests play a game
A woman helps a man with his tie as they laugh together
Groom embraces bride from behind

Jocelyn & Sean’s Destination Wedding in Maui

The destination wedding of Jocelyn and Sean in Maui, Hawaii was an international celebration of family, culture, friendship, and love. Sean is an architect in Dubai. Jocelyn is a speech-language pathologist and scuba diving photographer in Hong Kong. Their family reside everywhere in between. And their friends are from all over the rest of the planet. Their wedding, on the most remote islands in the world, brought them all together in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We were there with our cameras to document it.

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Best of 2017

2017 was pretty awesome! We had our passports stamped in 15 countries on 6 continents, exploring the world as a family, world-schooling our kids (7 & 9 yrs), teaching workshops, and photographing weddings across the globe. Honourably, many of those were weddings of talented professional photographers from around the world. And remarkably, we were both named amongst the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World again by Fearless Photographers and One Eyeland. 

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A woman in a dress stands behind a man who is adjusting his decorative ankle accessory
Man looks out window to mountain environment and sees his reflection
Man in suit cleans the church aisle as wedding guests socialize
Bride and groom with page boy and two flower girls
Silhouette of woman holding microphone is seen next to an entertained crowd
Bride and man dance on brilliantly lit dancefloor
Woman dances with hair in her face with party lighting
Woman does the limbo while holding a drink
Man dances on the party floor surrounded by balloons
Bride and groom look into each other's eyes in front of night city skyline

Catherine & Evan’s Wedding in Canmore, Canada

Catherine and Evan’s Canmore wedding at Silvertip Resort was our first wedding of 2018 and our one and only winter wedding back home in Canada this year. More notably, it was our first and only wedding featuring a purple wedding dress! That’s right… winter wedding in the Canadian Rocky Mountains with a purple freakin’ wedding dress!! But most notably of all, this was a wedding full of beautiful moments and relationships that we’re honoured to have been a part of.

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Jen & Bruce’s Wedding in Banff, Canada

It would be a colossal understatement to describe Jen and Bruce’s wedding as simply; a wedding. It was also an experience; an adventure; a retreat; a vacation; a festival; a legend. Jen and Bruce hosted their destination wedding celebration in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The result was an experience of a lifetime for all their American friends and family!

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Bride and groom hold hands while standing on rocks in body of water with Rockies as the background
Groom's father looks out the window to the Rockies
Wedding guests riding up and down mountain in cable cars
Silhouette of bride and groom reaching out to each other while standing on rocks
A man stands by the water taking picture in front of the Rockies and a lake
Young boy curls
A bride curls with reflection of the Rockies and blue sky with clouds
Smiling seniors with a woman jumping for joy
A bride with Stars and Stripes pants and waist bag
Silhouette of bride and groom walking hand in hand on top of the Rockies shrouded by clouds and fog
The newly married couple and wedding guests burst out laughing at a friend's speech at wedding reception at Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
Groom hugs a friend while smiling bride is standing by them
Laughing bride and groom at wedding reception
Silhouette of bride and groom and wedding guests standing on top of mountain with their reflection in the lake
A bride sits in a chair writing wedding vows
A bride ponders over her wedding vows before the wedding ceremony
A little boy sits on a sofa with his fingers on his lips
A bride looks at her hanging wedding gown while drinking
Bride and friends doing their makeup
A bride talks with a woman while getting her makeup done
Happy mother-daughter moment before the wedding ceremony
Bride looks at her makeup in a hand mirror while a photographer takes a picture of her
Groom looks at his father who is putting on his dress shirt
A bride steps from a table down to a chair while holding her wedding dress in one hand
A women holds a little boy from behind and kisses him on the cheek
Bride's father shakes hands with groom at wedding ceremony
Bride's mother and guests at wedding ceremony
Bride with wedding dress and long veil and groom with Scottish kilt and sporran stand on rocks hand in hand in Banff
Photographers are ready to shoot pictures of bride and groom on mountain top
Bride and groom rub noses smiling
Groom holds bride from back while she turns back smiling with her bridal veil floating in the wind
Laughing bride and groom at wedding reception
Groom's father delivers a speech at wedding reception with reflection of lights
Behind the bride and groom at wedding reception
Emotional bride and groom at wedding reception
Bride looks happily at groom while he is giving a speech at the wedding reception
Groom delivers a speech at wedding reception
Bride and groom's first dance
Groom feeds bride with a fork at wedding reception
Wedding guests hit the dance floor
Dancing begins at a wedding reception at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
Woman dances excitedly at wedding reception
Expressive guests dance at wedding reception
A woman dances with a bottle of water in one hand and a drink in another
Man in kilt dances with wedding guests at Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
A man with a colorful hat dances at wedding reception
Silhouette of couple's embracing in front of idyllic Rockies landscape and lake

Toronto Chinese Wedding Photography – Vivian & Greg’s Wedding by Two Mann Studios

Being the purveyors of Vivian and Greg’s Toronto Chinese wedding photography was a documentary photographer’s dream come true! These two are just so full of life, love and good vibes, and every aspect of their wedding reflected that. Vivian’s laugh is downright infectious, and her friends know just how to pull it out of her. Vivian’s expressions alone, in fact, would have been enough to fill our frames with jubilance and our hearts with adoration. But we all got to witness her happiness in not one, not two, not three… but four different dresses! And we got to witness and photograph the stories around those dresses in not one, not two, but three different locations throughout Toronto.

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groom helping bride down stairs amongst flowers with castle behind
silhouette of chinese bride during hair prep in front of green leaves
chinese bride in red dress getting help with dress in blue room
chinese bride holding her parents hands
groomsman assisting groom with suspenders before wedding ceremony
groomsman helping groom with bowtie before wedding ceremony
groom adjusting suit reflected in bathroom mirror
groomsman takes bridal party selfie with groom and groomsmen
chinese groom with red envelopes
chinese wedding door games
chinese groom and groomsmen share a laugh during wedding games
chinese groomsman with face on groomsman bum during door games at chinese wedding
Mother of bride adjusting wedding dress
grandmother arriving in wheelchair to chinese wedding ceremony
little chinese boy hugging dad during wedding ceremony
chinese grandmother sitting alone at wedding ceremony
bride and bridesmaid descending stairs to ceremony
chinese bride with father of the bride before ceremony
bride with dad and kids before wedding ceremony
little boy ring bearer coming down isle during wedding ceremony with sign
chinese groom reaction to bride coming down isle at ceremony
father of the bride giving his daughter to the groom at chinese wedding ceremony
bride and groom holding hands during wedding ceremony
bride and groom during wedding ceremony with stained glass reflection
bride and groom holding hands during wedding ceremony with priest
groom touching parents hands during wedding ceremony recessional
bride and groom portrait surrounded by green leafy trees
bride and groom laughing while holding hands and being lifted up by bridal party
black and white wedding portrait with bride and groom surrounded by trees
bride in wedding dress reaching for grooms hand
bride and groom wedding portrait beneath open architectural roof and blue sky
chinese bride in underwear getting help with wedding dress from bridesmaids
partially dressed bride sitting anxiously with shoes
toronto-chinese-wedding-photography-portrait of bride in wedding dress laying down in dramatic light and shadow
close up of brides eye in dramatic light and shadow
close up of bride sipping cocktail through a straw in dramatic light
chinese bride and groom laughing during speeches at wedding reception
black and white bride and groom first dance backlight
chinese groom and winking bride during first dance with band behind
groomsmen performance during wedding reception
bridesmaid dancing with bride and groom watching and laughing
aladdin performance at wedding reception
aladdin performance at wedding reception with bride and groom laughing
chinese bride dancing at wedding reception with band
little boy dancing at wedding reception
bride and groomsman dancing at wedding reception
black and white photo of woman dancing and singing at wedding reception with arm up
bride dancing at wedding reception
wedding reception dance party dancing with tie around neck
Bride dancing with arms outstretched at wedding reception party
backlit portrait of bride and groom at dusk with lights and blue sky

Sahar & Kyle’s Lakefront Wedding | Burlington, Ontario

Sahar and Kyle’s lakefront wedding was super chill… just like Sahar and Kyle.

Nestled on the tranquil shores of Lake Ontario, Paletta Mansion was an idyllic setting for this conjunction of two families from faraway lands. Sahar’s family travelled all the way from Iran to meet Kyle’s family, from Woodstock, Ontario, for the very first time. It was our honour to be there with our cameras.

Sahar and Kyle, thank you so much for bringing us in to tell your beautiful story.

Here are a few of our favs…

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Bride and groom stroll in park with Canadian geese around them
Reflection of woman doing her make up gazing at the Toronto cityscape outside her window
Woman has her hair done by hair stylist
Close up of woman getting her hair done
Family members take photos of bridesmaid while preparing for wedding party
Bride in wedding dress sits patiently
Groomsmen gets help from woman buttoning up his sleeves
Bride and groom hold hands as they run through park
Close up of bride in veil staring forwards intently
Young flower girl on top of steps prepares to walk down wedding aisle
Two woman takes photos with iPhone and iPad during wedding ceremony
Bride holding up her dress and groom with rolled up pants walk on rocks by the lake shore
Bride smiling as groom prepares a toast
Bride and groom eating cake
Bride and groom underneath umbrella and trees
Young boy in purple tie dancing at wedding party
Young girl twirling on wedding dance floor in white dress
Bride and groom holding umbrella looking ahead at lake under trees at sunset

Montreal Science Centre Wedding | Rana & Madi

At the heart of every great relationship, is trust. And trust is what brought us (and our cameras) to Rana and Madi’s Montreal Science Centre wedding in Quebec. Madi himself, is a highly sought-after professional wedding photographer (no pressure). Rana is a professional interior designer (yes please). Together, their combined vision for their wedding was ambitious, to put it mildly, especially considering that they took it all on themselves!

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silhouette of bride and groom with dj lights at wedding reception