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Susan & Jo’s Winter Wedding in Lake Louise, Canada

From the first tantalizing sip, to the last succulent drop; basking in Susan and Jo’s wedding celebration was like savouring an exquisite bottle of fine wine.

Like a big red splashing into the decanter, anticipation for the flavours and feelings of their wedding blossomed between our first Skype encounter, and finally getting to meet Susan and Jo on the morning of their wedding in Lake Louise. Arriving to their smiles and hugs was like that first glorious sip that warms you right down to your toes, authenticating all suspicions that for this particular celebration, something exceptional has been uncorked.

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A couple walk among the mountains on a frosty winter morning.
Bride is seen reflecting and her dress is in the background.
A smiling bride and her mother prepare for the wedding day.
The wedding dress hangs in a room that is warmly contrasted to the cold outdoors.
The groom and his family and friends enjoy wine before his wedding day.
The bride tries on her wedding dress and looks at her reflection.
Groom looks down as he buttons his shirt cuff.
Bride and bridesmaid chat and laugh.
Groom takes a sip of wine in a reflection with snow and evergreen trees.
A proud father talks with the bride who is silhouetted by the light outside of the room.
Silhouette of two men drinking wine with snow-capped evergreen trees in the background.
Bride, bridesmaid, and the bride's father look at a young boy in the hotel hallway.
Silhouette of violinist is seen with sheet music in the foreground.
Groom is seen from below anticipating the wedding ceremony.
Groom's jeweled and manicured hands are tightly clasped together.
Bride and groom's wedding ceremony illuminated by warm lamps.
Bride and groom share a portrait with their dog.
The snow-capped forest blur around the newly-wed couple.
Groom helps bride get the snow out her boots.
Bride and groom make their way up a hill and an illuminated mountain is reflected in the foreground.
Bride and groom laugh together as a friend delivers a toast.
A newly wed couple share a laugh together.
Obscured by warm lights and candles a friend delivers a speech for the newly-wed couple.
Bride and groom react warmly to friend's speech.
Groom delivers a speech illuminated by warm lights.
Friends and family look adoringly as couple share their first dance as man and wife.
Guests dance and sing at the wedding reception.
The bride busts out her dance moves.
Two friends dance together at the wedding reception.
Guests dance and dresses billow on the dance floor.
Guests having a good time at the wedding reception.
Dancing in slipper!
Groom, photographer, and guest pose together.
A newly-wed couple stand on the frozen Lake Louise in Banff, Canada.

Best of 2018

2018 was like a dream. 9 unique wedding celebrations, 7 sold out workshops, 4 photography festivals and one powerful little light brought us (and our kids) on a wild ride across 10 countries on 3 continents. Along the way, our lives brushed up against so many beautiful souls. We’re living a dream and this post is a tribute to that which makes it all possible… the couples and families who trust in the way we see and feel.

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Kimmi & Dwayne’s Wedding | Negril, Jamaica | Spa Retreat Boutique Hotel

As photographers, we strive to create images that communicate what words cannot. And yet here I am, trying to find words to communicate what these photographs cannot. The absurdity of this paradox isn’t lost on me, but alas, you just weren’t there. Or maybe, if you’re one of the few who actually read this, you were (and so you know what I’m trying to say). But for anyone about to experience this wedding solely through these photos… you just weren’t there. You weren’t there to witness the way Dwayne melted the instant he saw Kimmi in all her jaw-dropping glory… to behold the complete and utter cuteness of their kids, Landon and Logan… to feel the salty spray of the turquoise Caribbean waters crashing around their cliffside ceremony… to feel the unbridled love between (and for) Kimmi and Dwayne… to hear what they mean to their friends and family… to experience that legendary, ganga-brownie-fuelled dance floor… with Jamaican bass in your bones… overproof rum on your lips… gyratory whining on your hips. Gratefully though, despite one hell of a commute (icy roads, international flights, layovers, delays and flat tires — yes, plural), we were there with our cameras for a poignant dose of everything we thrive off… expressive, loving humans… beautiful relationships… unrestrained celebration, and most honourably… trust.

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Confetti and emotions fly during a bride and groom's first kiss at a seaside ceremony.
Silhouettes of friends on a boat during sunset.
Bride and groom share a kiss while lounging in a fishing net.
Dresses flare as wind blows across the deck of a boat.
Preparation at sunset for a seaside wedding ceremony.
Young girl holds dad's hand and drinks from a juice box.
Bride relaxes as she gets a scalp massage in preparation for the wedding.
Groom getting her makeup done is seen in the crack of a pair of wooden doors.
Young girl is intrigued by wedding makeup.
Peak into a man's shower.
Young girl rests on the shoulders of a man.
Groom getting ready.
Reflection of bride is seen with the wedding dress.
Man gets dressed to the backdrop of a wooden ceiling fan.
Dressing in white, a young girl watches wedding makeup get applied to the bride.
Woman applies mascara for the bride.
Man lets out a laugh as a man helps him tie his bow tie.
Big smiles on the wedding day!
Groom prepares to see his bride for the first time.
Taking pictures as the groom sees the bride for the first time.
Bride and groom laugh together among tropical vegetation.
Friends help bride get ready on a sailboat.
Bride and groom share a moment on a sailboat.
Bride and groom share a peck to the backdrop of yellow sand and blue seas.
Young girl claps with mom.
Bridesmaids help bride in wedding dress down stairs.
Groom and groomsmen in a huddle before the wedding ceremony.
Bride adjusts her hair as she gets ready for her wedding ceremony.
Bride prepares to walk down the aisle.
Groom watches intently as the bride is walked down the aisle.
Blue skies and blue waters at this wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom exchange weddings vows.
Bride and groom stand on pier during wedding ceremony.
Wedding ring exchange.
Confetti flies; guests cheer; bride and groom share their first kiss as man and wife.
Bride and groom leave the ceremony with their daughter.
Bride and groom arrive at the wedding reception.
Bridesmaids prepare a toast at the wedding reception.
Bride and groom look off in the same direction.
Three ladies sit together laughing and smiling.
Bride looks earnestly at the groom at their wedding reception.
A wedding reception and speech under an umbrella.
To the backdrop of lights groom delivers a speech.
Bride puts her hands around the groom during their first dance.
Bride and groom lean into one another as friends and family look on.
Drinks flow freely at the wedding reception.
Hands and drinks wave on the dance floor.
Man has a drink poured into his mouth by a friend.
Man dances with a drink in one hand.
Happy faces on the dance floor!
Breaking it down on during the wedding reception.
Bride and groom take selfies on the dance floor.
Friends dance with the bride.
Dancing with hands in the air!
Groom gets the last drops out of his drink.
Groomsmen help rip off groom's dress shirt.
Groom dances with bride at their wedding reception.
Excited bride dances with the groom.
Bride and groom show off their dance moves.
Bride is lifted into the air by party guests.
Groomsmen lift the groom into the air.
Bridesmaid creatively holds three drinks.
Wedding reception guests dance together.
Multitasking on the dance floor.
Shenanigans on the dance floor.
Man has powder poured on him as he dances.
Drinks drench dancers at the wedding reception.
Nothing to see here!
Man and woman perform a shaky dip.
Lanny Mann shows off his moves at the wedding reception.
Friends and family pose at the wedding reception.
The newly wed couple walk off together into the sunset.

Beth & Chad’s Wedding in Emerald Isle, North Carolina

One of the most crucial fundamentals of our adventures in wedding photography; is trust. Trust in the process. Trust in our gut. Trust from our couples. We rarely feel like hired help, we’re rarely treated as such, and our couples aren’t really clients so much as beautiful, fascinating humans who welcome us into their unique celebrations like friends with cameras. The epitome of this, was our experience at Beth and Chad’s wedding in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Beth and Chad trusted in us implicitly… not only to document their story and immortalize their memories… but to do so while beating the shit out of their very own camera gear. Beth and Chad just happen to be a world class professional wedding photography duo.

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Couple look into each other's eyes on Emerald Isle beach.
Hand in hand, a couple walk through a field of flowers.
A joyous couple walk together across bright sand to the backdrop of a picturesque sky.
A couple run across the beach with the reflection of their sprint
Piggybacking to prepare for the wedding ceremony.
Making cinnamon buns on the wedding morning.
Bride runs up brick steps carrying her wedding dress.
A whip of hair while getting ready for the wedding.
A woman inspects her eye makeup with a small mirror.
A woman roles her eyes to get her make up just right.
Selfies and contouring before the wedding.
Bride takes a sip of her drink.
Doing makeup and preparing the wedding dress for the big day.
Bride shows off her ring in her wedding dress.
Bride cries carefully as to not ruin her makeup.
Guitar tunes on a bright day.
Man closes his eyes as he takes a shower.
Wedding guests play football on the sun-soaked beach.
Friends chat on the deck while a man showers beach-side.
Shampooing on the beach.
A football flies across the beach sky.
A man trims his beard.
Lanny Mann photographs man showering outdoors.
A Stormtrooper helmet sits on a desk as the groom reviews his wedding vows.
Excited bride en route to her wedding ceremony.
A beach wedding ceremony surrounded by friends and family.
Bride is shocked when the groom delivers his vows.
Groom reaches out to kiss the bride's hand at their wedding.
A happy, well-dressed dog enjoys the exchanging of vows at the wedding ceremony.
Couple's first kiss as man and wife.
Bride and groom walking hand-in-hand away from the wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom cast long shadows as they walk away from their wedding ceremony.
The sun illuminates an ecstatic bride and groom.
Groom carries the bride's dress as the walk across Emerald Isle beach.
Bride and groom stand together among tall trees.
Bride and groom leave footprints on the beach.
Bride and groom carefully maneuver to position themselves on rocks on a creek.
The sun's golden beams illuminate the forest around the newlyweds.
Newly weds savor a moment on a double-decker bus.
Groom dons a Stormtrooper helmet during the first dance with the bride.
Tears roll as the groom shares a dance with his mother.
Bride and groom enjoy their first dance among friends and family.
Groom removes the garter from the bride in her dirtied dress from activities during the day.
Hair whips and air guitar at the wedding reception.
Sharing and overflowing drinks.
Groom enjoys a drink poured from high above.
Bride and groom on the party floor of their wedding reception.
No nipples showing through this shirt!
Woman pours a drink for the bride.
Groom cuddles a cardboard cut out of a fellow wedding photographer.
Bride and bridesmaid bust out the moves on the dance floor.
Wedding guest's tie acts as the bar for an impromptu limbo session with the bride.
Groom shows off his suspenders.
Groom donning a Stormtrooper helmet stands between two friends in inflated dinosaur costumes.
Young girl watches as the bride and her friend work on their dance moves.
A young Stormtrooper is shocked by a woman enjoying a drink from a high pour.
Hugs and smiles for the wedding photographers!
Bride and groom run through a shower of Champagne.
The dance floor and the bride and groom are showered with Champagne.
Bridesmaid offers her dress for the bride to wipe tears, Champagne and makeup after a long night of partying.
Groom embraces bride to the backdrop of a scenic waterfall.
Groom helps bride across a creek.
Boots and dirty wedding dresses on this hike.

Dee & Zack’s Disastrously Perfect Wedding

People often ask to see photos from our wedding back in 2006 (before we were wedding photographers). Astonishingly though, we didn’t actually have a wedding photographer (insert shocked emoji). Moreover, we don’t have any regrets because, truth be told, what we could have afforded at the time (we were total ski bums and climbing dirtbags) would probably have spoiled our extraordinary memories of that day. Be that as it may, if there was ever a wedding which looked and, even more so, felt like ours — it’s Dee and Zack’s.

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A couple seen holding hands from a view shrouded by umbrellas
Bride and groom laugh and smile as they stand together
Man and woman talk over a counter
Man pours a coffee while woman stands next to him under an umbrella
Four people sitting and standing roadside on a fall morning
Man and woman using their phones
Young girl climbs over a rock followed by a man
Two woman make a heart with the initials of Z and D out of rocks
Family members play a game with colorful balls
Silhouettes against a cloudy sky play a ball game
Couple holds hands surrounded by leaves
A couple and their friend laugh in the rain
Woman wears her wedding ring and holds an umbrella
A couple under an umbrella look into the Purcell Mountains
Bride wearing an amulet smiles
An impromptu wedding ceremony at the base of the Purcell Mountains
Bride and groom hold hands during their wedding ceremony under light rain
Newly wed bride hug and kiss under an umbrella
Bride wraps her arms the groom
Newly wed couple and friends and family walk with umbrellas
Smiles and high fives in the rain
Couple embrace surrounded by vibrant autumn leaves
Woman laughs as she struggles to bring food and drink up steps
Couple share laughs and drinks with a friend
Newly wed couple share a kiss as the pizza delivery arrives
Reflection of couple walking along a lake at the base of the Purcell Mountains

Anna & Brian’s Wedding | Baltimore, Maryland

The following text message arrived on our phone, 6 weeks after Anna & Brian’s wedding…

“Some sad news, Anna’s father passed away this morning suddenly. I was wondering if you would be able to send a picture of her and her dad or her dad and mom together that we could use for the funeral.” – Brian

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Elated newly weds walk together through a field
Bride officiates arm wrestling between bridesmaids
Bridesmaid struggles to win arm wrestle as other bridesmaids cheer
The bridesmaids cheer as one is about to win an arm wrestle
Bride and her bridesmaids sit around a room chatting
Cheers! before the big day
Man shaves while another takes a shower
A man passes a towel into a foggy shower
Man shaves in the washroom while another brushes his teeth in the living room
Groom looking in the mirror getting ready for wedding day
The silhouette of men standing around a room talking
Bridesmaid sits between two friends with her hands in her lap
A bride and her mom smile as they react to a phone
Bride hugs her grandmother
Bridesmaid shows a dress to three other ladies
Bridesmaid and the bride's mother fix the bride's hair while she holds a flute of Champagne
Bride and father share a dance as mother looks on proudly
Through a column of the dress shoes of the groomsmen a young boy can be seen in formal attire
Bride gets onto a black limo
Thumbs up from the groom!
Weddings guests stand as the bride's father walks her down the aisle
Bride's father hugs the groom at the wedding ceremony
An outdoor wedding ceremony on a day with bright skies
Weddings guests clap as the bride and groom kiss for the first time as husband and wife
Bride and groom hold hands and smile at one another as they walk back down the aisle
Bride holds her own dress as she walks through shrubbery
Bride and groom hold each other
Surrounded by large trees the bride and groom embrace
Weddings guests raise their arms as the bride and groom walk back down the aisle
Groomsmen congratulate the groom
The bride and groom smile, laugh, and celebrate with friends and family
The bride's father raises a glass at the wedding banquet
Groom hugs the bride's father
Party guest delivers a speech with drink in hand
Bride's mother hugs the groom
Bride and groom share a dance as friends cheer on
Bride and groom dance as the groom lifts the bride's leg
Bride and her father share a dance at the wedding banquet
Bride's father spins her daughter as they dance
Groom dances passionately with bride at the wedding reception
Wedding party goers sing and dance
Party goers raise their hands to dance and music at the wedding reception
A young boy looks into the camera while on the dance floor
Groom sings with party guests
Wedding reception guests dance and sing together
Guests dance together at the wedding reception
The bride and groom dance and sing with a singer
A young boy falls asleep on a chair after the wedding reception

Shreya & Mano’s Telugu Wedding | Hyderabad, India

This improbable story begins with deep fried churros in Disneyland and ends with panfried paratha in India.

Let’s start at the end, in a love-filled home in Vijayawada, India, where Shreya, Erika, Mano and I are savouring delicious home-made paratha, lovingly prepared by Mano’s mom. By now, Shreya and Mano’s friends and family feel like our friends and family. Surrounding us on the walls of this home wherein Mano grew up, are picture-frames beholding historical wedding photographs from generations past. In my pocket, securely fastened to my belt loop, are memory cards containing photographic documentation of all that has transpired throughout the last 4 days … a pocket full of memories not unlike – but very unlike – the archaic wedding photos on these walls. We’re exhausted and preparing for our inter-continental commute back home … but we’re smiling … reminiscing … and dreaming, which is how it all began.

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Silhouettes of bride and groom walking hand in hand with foreground of sparkling lights on the ground at night
Groom is seen illuminated in the washroom of pool side house
Groom gets his makeup done
A bride gets her eye makeup done
A groom gets his makeup done
A bride and her reflection are seen as she gets her lip makeup done
A groom and his groomsman prepare for the ceremony
Silhouette of groom and groomsmen dancing in a room with a reflection of themselves and trees on the pool
A man blowing fog on the wedding lawn
Groom and groomsmen dance at party with sparkling lights reflecting on the floor
Bride and groom sing accompanied by the band among lights
Bride lifts her arms in the air and dances
Bride and groom sing and dance at pre-wedding party
Guests sing and dance at pre-wedding celebration
Dancing at pre-wedding celebration
Happy guests dance and smoke at pre-wedding celebration
Bride and groom stand hand in hand on a lawn lined with lights
Indian groom undergoes wedding ceremony involving rice
Telugu wedding tradition of pouring turmeric paste on the groom's head
An Indian groom at turmeric ceremony
Family members and friend apply turmeric paste on groom's head
Little girl watches the ceremony of applying turmeric paste on an Indian bride
A happy Indian bride at turmeric ceremony
Side profile of an Indian bride with splashes of water around her head at pre-wedding celebration
Tradition of a senior blessing the Indian bride
Indian bride winces as water is poured over her head
Throwing flower petals on the head of an Indian bride
Wedding guests form a dance train in the pool
A man stands in a pool with a tray of drinks on his head
Kids play in the pool
Man standing in pool has drinks poured into his mouth
An Indian bride's mehndi feet and hands
A groom massages his face after shaving
Applying mehndi on hand of the bride
Helping the groom with his attire
Women apply makeup and hair pins for the bride
Indian women tie circlet for the groom
Drawing a mark on the forehead of an Indian bride
Groom embraces bride from behind inside of an ancient structure
An bride's wedding ring on top of her mehndi hand art
A happy Indian bride holds groom's arm in a ancient structure
Silhouette of groom embracing bride from behind in front of an ancient structure and with a foreground of looming trees
Man wearing traditional Indian attire at pre-wedding celebration
A groom puts on his shirt
A groom washes his feet in the tub
Applying mehndi on feet of groom
Indian women tie head belt for the groom
Doing makeup before wedding ceremony
Indian mehndi hands design
Preparing for wedding ceremony
An Indian bride puts her hand on circlet
Attaching head jewelry for the groom
Groom puts on his dress shirt in front of a mirror
An Indian groom ties turban while looking into a mirror
Families walking an Indian groom to the ceremony under a mandap
Groom and guests wearing sandals walk across stone path
An Indian groom drinks under mandap
Groom can be seen behind women wearing colorful attire
An Indian groom with sunglasses at wedding ceremony
Indian wedding tradition of washing the feet of the groom
Bride kisses the hand of a senior
Indian bride walks to the ceremony with bridal party under a floral mandap
Groom sits and reflects before wedding ceremony
An Indian bride sits with parents behind a curtain
Bride sits behind a curtain
Bride and groom touch each other's heads across a curtain
Bride and groom touch each other's heads by one hand at ceremony
Bride and groom sitting face to face while placing turmeric paste on each other's heads
Groom touches the head of the bride during Indian wedding ceremony
Man sprinkles material on bride and groom during an Indian wedding ceremony
Indian wedding tradition of throwing rice on heads of bride and groom
Indian bride and groom smile while family sprinkle rice on them during wedding ceremony
Smiling Indian bride and groom at wedding ceremony
Senior hugs with bride and groom
Friends and family with photographer photography Indian wedding ceremony
Indian bride pours rice over head of groom
Indian bride and groom pour rice on each other as a part of the wedding ceremony
An Indian bride is showered with rice by her friends and family
Mehndi feet of Indian bride and groom
An Indian groom places flower petals on bride's head at wedding ceremony
An Indian groom puts a garland on the bride
Smiling Indian bride with many colorful garlands
Emotional Indian bridal couple at wedding
Happy bridal couple sit in a rain of flower petals
Lanny Mann motions that he sees the perfect shot at a wedding ceremony
Placing flower petals on groom's head
Newlyweds smile and gasp as people throw flower petals on them
Friends and family place petals on groom's head
Silhouette of groom and bride embracing in an ancient Indian temple
Blurred lines of light and shadowed trees in the background surround a wedding couple

Flossie & Keith’s Hong Kong Wedding

The alarms sounded at 3 AM, stirring us from dim-sum-induced slumber. Foggy confusion about where and what on Earth we were doing up at that ungodly hour gradually dissipated, as light from the Hong Kong skyline glowed upon meticulously packed camera bags. We’d traveled half way around the planet to photograph Flossie and Keith’s wedding in Hong Kong (not to be confused with Flossie and Keith’s wedding in Lake Como, photographed by the legendary Jose Villa).

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Surrounded by dark trees, groom holds bride's dress as they walk with rays of sunlight illuminating the path they cross
Woman yawns in reflection as she has her hair done
Man showers while in the foreground Chinese characters meaning double happiness are posted on a door
Woman's face appears next to a painting of a woman's face
Woman gets makeup applied in mirror that is next to snacks
Man gets his hair done with reflections from lighting fixtures
Man looks at himself in mirror as he ties his bow tie
Man has his bow tie adjusted while woman in background has her adjusted
Bridesmaids stand together on staircase looking at their phones
Reflection of groom is seen in the rear view mirror of a car
Bridesmaids take pictures and laugh together
Reflection of bridesmaids is seen in sunglasses of man wearing a fake mustache
Photograph of man is taken while he is getting his makeup done
Groom and groomsman play a game involving cookies
Bridesmaid video calls bride to show her the groom and groomsmen
Groom cheers as bride is walked down a staircase by her father
Groom cheers with friends and family in the background
Bridesmaids clap and cheer as bride is walked down a staircase by her father
Bride and groom stand together in front of seated couple
Bride and groom hold her parents hands
Woman and groom help bride put on gold bracelets
Bride in red and groom in black look at each other holding hands
Bride holds a number of golden bracelets
Bridesmaids sit together, talking and looking at their phones
Reflection of laughing bride is seen in the groom's sunglasses
A group of men cheers their shots
Bride has her makeup adjusted as groom sits waiting
Groomsmen takes picture of sleeping bridesmaids eye
Friends and family look forward in high spirits
Silhouette of women applying makeup in a car
Man's reflection is seen as he approaches a car
Bride and groom sit together in car with reflection of a red umbrella
Groom and bride during wedding ring ceremony
Bride and groom walk down aisle holding hands as confetti showers them from above
Women look at man as he finishes a drink
Two woman sitting together laugh
Woman performs limbo under rope seperator
Man and woman exchange high five
Groomsmen fall asleep in hotel room
Women kneels on chair covered in flower petals
Silhouettes of two men and woman getting her hair done
Two woman get their makeup done in front of mirrors
City skyline is seen with reflection of woman getting her hair done
Parallel images of groom adjusting his bow tie while bride dons her wedding dress
A team of woman helps bride into wedding dress
Newly wed couple hold hands looking into each other's eyes while they are surrounded by pink and purple flowers
Two men adjust framed photograph of couple
Bride raises her arms and laughs
Bride smiles as she holds her dress while walking with groom to audience applause
Newly wed couple drink together as woman delivers speech
Woman sings in front of image of couple embracing on a snowy mountaintop
Newly wed couple laugh and clap as man and woman address the crowd
Bride wipes away tears as she and her groom look forward

Michelle & Jared’s Wedding | IslandWood, Bainbridge Island | Seattle, Washington

Drenched in nature, friendship, and authenticity, Michelle and Jared’s laidback wedding-retreat in the woods of Bainbridge Island is everything we love about weddings, people and life. No glitz and glamour (apart from sunscreen and bug spray). No grandeur (apart from a canopy tower high up in the colossal treetops). No drama (apart from entertaining performances by their eccentric, theatrical friends). No pageantry (apart from a hilariously executed puppet show). Just genuine ‘ol fun and down-to-earth good times. Nature set the stage. Sincerely wonderful people set the vibe.

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Silhouette of bride and groom holding hands behind autumn leaves
People gather around campfire in high spirits
Acoustic band performing
Behind the scenes of a puppet show in front of an audience
Man with acoustic guitar singing
Audience laughs at ongoing performance
Person gives a thumbs up from inside a hollow tree
Group of people climb a tower among trees
People walk down an open, metal tower
Snail crawling towards a lady
Bride getting her hair done
Man getting out of shower while a woman gets her hair done down the hall
Man with fingers locked behind his back watching a woman get her hair done
Wedding ceremony in progress on a green lawn
Bride and groom exchanging rings
Newly wed couple embrace from a tree top view
Silhouette of a couple holding hands surrounded by trees and fog
Man lines up his croquet shot
Woman does a bridge pose while behind her, a bride and groom dance
Girl does a handstand while woman catches a frisbee
Three young girls perform
A man performs under spotlights
A man makes a speech to the bride and groom while a photographer takes photos
Emotional bride wipes away tears while sitting beside groom
Woman addresses an captivated audience
The bride and groom sit together as toasts are raised to a man giving a speech
A newly wed couple dance together as people watch
A woman dances with other people
A woman dances on the floor next to two friends
Two woman dance facing each other
Party guests play a game
A woman helps a man with his tie as they laugh together
Groom embraces bride from behind

Jocelyn & Sean’s Destination Wedding in Maui

The destination wedding of Jocelyn and Sean in Maui, Hawaii was an international celebration of family, culture, friendship, and love. Sean is an architect in Dubai. Jocelyn is a speech-language pathologist and scuba diving photographer in Hong Kong. Their family reside everywhere in between. And their friends are from all over the rest of the planet. Their wedding, on the most remote islands in the world, brought them all together in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We were there with our cameras to document it.

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