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Alumni Reunion Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

Somehow, over the course of 6 wild years and 30+ workshops on 6 continents, we’ve spawned a community of 433 (and counting) cherished workshop alumni… world class professional photographers from 35 countries on 6 continents… all of whom have trusted and shared in our 3-day workshop experience… all of whom have become part of our chosen photographic family… none of whom we’ll ever forget. The experiences we’ve shared with these spectacular humans at METANOIA (and Balls Out) workshops around the globe has inspired us beyond words, shaped us as humans, built this international community and gifted us lifelong friendships the world over. For this, we are forever grateful and always missing our friends.

After each and every workshop, we’ve had the same dream… to one day host a legendary alumni reunion in an extraordinary location. A chance to reconnect, re-inspire and celebrate with as many of these spectacular humans as possible. At long last, this year, that dream finally became a reality! Not a workshop, but a gathering of friends… an invigorating retreat… a celebration life… what transpired is hard to put into words, and perhaps best left swirling around inside our hearts and minds as feelings without words. But here are some beautiful ones that hint at the magic…

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Alumni joyfully jump into pool together
Friends look intently during workshop reunion
Man falls backwards into infinity pool
Man takes a shower with water hitting his back
A couple with their son and daughter stand hand in hand between water and sky
Young lady dives into a pool
Aerial view of a man lying on a tennis court across from a float
Man looks up at a waterfall
A man's muddy feet and flip flops
Man holds a woman at the bottom of a swimming pool
Two men enjoy leisure time under the clear sky while one takes a sip
Reflection of a man jumping into the water is seen on a man's sunglasses
Man looks down into the water as a woman holds her breath
Man jumps onto a whale pool float in an infinity pool that extends to the oceans of Bali, Indonesia
Man swims at the bottom of a pool
Two men talking over drinks
Man takes a meditative pose among the chaos of splashing water
A woman's emotional face
Man sits against a door as light blurs around him
Wet footprint left on a stone slab
Man and women sit and drink at the bottom of a pool
Side by side portraits of couple
People watch ceremony of a man sitting inside a ring of fire

Metanoia – A Wedding Photography Workshop by Two Mann Studios

Before photography (and kids), we were both professional educators. Our roots and passion has always been in coaching and inspiring growth & development in others. This is why we’re continually striving to make our wedding photography workshop better and better. It’s grown and improved to the point that we feel it deserves a new, improved name.

Introducing… METANOIA – A workshop by Two Mann Studios

A noun of Greek origin, Metanoia (me-ta-noi-a) describes “a fundamental change of thinking; a transformative change of heart.” We couldn’t think of a better word to describe the heart & soul of this workshop… what we’re aspiring to achieve.

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Bird's eye view of father walking his daughter down the aisle at wedding ceremony
Groom helping bride climb up mountain trail during outdoor wedding
Shirtless groom spitting wine across dance floor into groomsman's open mouth with bride cheering on at Island Lake Lodge in Fernie, BC
Bride and groom walk down the aisle smiling
Bride and groom staring out into Sandals Emerald Bay on a starry night
Man playing guitar while another man watch
Silhouettes of groomsmen drinking and smoking at beachfront bar
Woman in dress laying on the floor with spots of sunlight
Bride, father-of-the-bride, ring bearer and flower girls at wedding precessional
Silhouette of bride and groom running at sunset in Maui, Hawaii
Bride showering with son watching
Engaged couple silhouetted amongst backlit bokeh
Clasped hands of nervous bride with henna and wedding ring
Wedding ceremony at oceanfront
Best man gives bride strip dance and tease
Bride in wedding dressing on mountain top with double rainbow in sky
Bride's veil blowing in the wind
a bride standing on a rock in the waters of Lake Louise
Bride in underwear and veil preparing to get dressed into her wedding dress
Couple in love kissing with kids playing on construction site silhouetted at sunset in Thailand.
Ryan Brenizer dancing at his wedding reception in Brooklyn, New York
Muddy high heels with leaves stuck to heel
Wedding reception dance floor at dark
Groom with his hand around bride's back during outdoor ceremony
bride and groom standing on top of mountain in Waterton Lakes Canada
new couple stepping on rocks with background of turquoise waters of Lake Louise and Mount Victoria
Partygoers dance as a bottle of champagne is opened
Priest, groom and crying bride during church ceremony
Friends and family with hands on bride and groom praying
Lanny Mann from Two Mann Studios dancing to Michael Jackson at party
Groom holding blue umbrella for bride as they walk down highway
groom and groomsmen crowd surfing the bride at night in the pool
Reflection of man and woman embracing with snowy evergreen trees outside at night
bride and groom on a background of Zion's steep red cliffs
Woman applies mascara for the bride.
bride and groom walking on the beach at sunset in Devonshire United Kingdom
a groom taking a shower
bride's strong dance at reception
Young girl is intrigued by wedding makeup.
close up of groom kissing his bride
A couple stand seaside with a foreground of the sky and clouds
Bride and groom laugh together as a friend delivers a toast.
groom and groomsmen holding bride up in the pool
groom reaching one hand out to grab his bride at shores of Lake Louise
newlyweds cutting the cake with settings of hotel building in Devon UK
A couple walk among the mountains on a frosty winter morning.