Best of 2016

2016 was a crazy year. Our cameras took us to 12 countries on 4 continents. We taught Balls Out Workshops on each of those continents to photographers from all over the world. We spoke at Mystic Seminars in Portland, USA, FotoFem 2 in Ubeda, Spain, Fearless Conference in Porto, Portugal, SILK Inspire Festival in Goa, India, and Egadi Wedding & Glamour in Sicily, Italy. And we embarked on a round-the-world adventure with our kids (ages 6 & 8).

But this post isn’t about any of that. It’s about the 15 weddings we were entrusted with in 2016.

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Bailey & Tyler’s Wedding | Teatro Restaurant, Calgary

We flew half way around the world for Bailey and Tyler’s wedding at Teatro Restaurant in Calgary, Canada (even though it’s just one hour from our home), giving it all the familiar elements of a far-away destination wedding for us… six international flights, alluring cuisine (Teatro is a destination in and of itself), and the celebratory vibe of an exclusive group of friends and family, gathered for an occasion for which they all care so deeply.

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Michelle & Gurpreet’s Indian Wedding | Edmonton, Canada

Oh man, we don’t even know where to start with Michelle and Gur’s extraordinary Indian wedding celebration. Their Punjabi wedding took place over 4 remarkable days in Edmonton, Canada. Lanny and I are “Indian wedding rookies,” so we didn’t exactly know what we were in for; the crazy dancing (4 nights in a row), the flavourful, never-ending buffet tables, the uniquely beautiful cultural traditions and ceremonies, the kaleidoscope of colourful outfits, the singing aunties (I believe Gurpreet had 9), and the contagious, tireless energy!

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Indian Wedding Photography

Alyssa & Greg’s Wedding at Kicking Horse Mountain

Alyssa and Greg’s wedding, atop Kicking Horse Mountain, had it all… majestic vistas, exquisite food, alpine weather (rain, sun, wind, snow, and everything in between), a magician, and even a dramatic firework grand finale. But what we remember most about Alyssa and Greg’s wedding, was the pervasive feeling of love and affection between Alyssa and Greg, reflected back upon them by all their friends and family. It was a beautiful joining together of lives, dreams, and families. Thank you, Alyssa and Greg, for trusting us to document this celebration for you and your families. Here are a few of our favourite frames…

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Ashlee & Brian’s Elopement in Lake Louise

The only guests at Ashlee and Brian’s destination wedding were glacier-capped mountains, turquoise lakes, and two Manns. What a beautiful honour it was to be the only human witnesses to this private little elopement in the Canadian Rockies. When we first met Ashlee and Brian, just before their intimate little ceremony, we were strangers. When we said good bye after a few portraits, we felt like friends. Ashlee and Brian, it was a humbling honour to be trusted with the duty of showing all your friends and family that you really did get married (and in one of the most spectacular places on the planet, no less). Here are our 10 favourites…

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Kolby & Neil’s Wedding at the Fairmont Palliser

Kolby and Neil’s wedding was beautiful on so many levels… from the spectacular surface, right down to the emotional depths.

The stage was set by the magical fairy godmother’s from Lynn Fletcher Weddings, who transformed the already dazzling Fairmont Palliser into something straight out of a magical dream customized just for Kolby and Neil. Walking into the Crystal Ballroom was like walking into a sparkling fairy tale… with Sheryl from LFW at the wand, making sure every small detail was perfect and running like clockwork.

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Krystle & Amr’s Wedding in Banff, Canada

Krystle and Amr are a self-described “odd couple.” In Krystle’s own words, “I’m a conservative Texan native of Chinese-Filipino descent, raised in a strict Catholic home. He’s a rough-around-the-edges Jersey guy with Syrian roots raised in a strict Muslim family.” Together, however, these two just fit. They are opposites in so many ways, but compliment each other perfectly.

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Sam & Mike’s Wedding in Paris

When Sam and Mike first inquired with us and told us they were getting married in Paris, we were like, “Hell yeah!” This couple was (is) our dream clients; beautiful inside and out, fun to the core, expressive, gracious and appreciative… and they were getting married in Paris. Now, before we get too carried away here, we are talking about Paris, Ontario, not Paris, France (a small detail). You may think we’re being facetious here, but we’re not. Whether the wedding is taking place in the most ‘romantic’ city in the world, or cute little Paris, Ontario… it has nothing do with the feeling and excitement we get while photographing the joining together of two lives, two families.

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Ryan & Tatiana’s New York Wedding Celebration

It was 2012. We were sitting behind the most well-known wedding photographer in the world, debating whether or not to tap him on the shoulder and introduce ourselves. We were in the first year of our career as wedding photographers and attending the Canada Photo Convention, sitting behind the conference keynote, Ryan Brenizer. It is so surreal to think back to this moment and the nervousness that we felt. We’ve since got to know Ryan and his equally talented wife, Tatiana. They are wonderful, generous, down-to-earth souls and we were completely blown away, 3 years later, when they asked us to photograph their wedding celebration in Brooklyn, NY, this past June.

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