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Getting Weddy

The anticipatory moments leading up to a wedding can be hectic, emotional, hilarious, and downright ridiculous. Documenting it all, can be a challenging adventure, to say the least.

Here are 100 getting-ready photos from the trenches…

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Best of 2019

Our 2019 adventures in wedding photography gifted us extraordinary experiences with extraordinary people.

These 2019 numbers made possible by a whole lot of trust from a whole lot of people:

123,000 km traversed across 4 continents and 5 oceans.
10,300 hand-crafted photos delivered.
12 sold out workshops in 8 countries on 4 continents (alumni from 42 countries).
11 more Oscars from Fearless Photographers.
9 countries travelled by plane, train, automobile, bicycle, kayak, canoe, ski, and paraglider.
8 keynote performances in 6 countries on 4 continents.
7 diverse weddings celebrated in 5 countries.
2 kids world-schooled through 5 countries across 4 continents.
1 epic Alumni Reunion.

Below are just some of our (and your) favourite wedding photos from this past year.

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Jena & Sameer’s Wedding in Dallas, Texas

Charmi Peña is one of our photography heroes. Heck, she’s one of our human heroes. Hence, when she advised her family to trust Two Mann Studios with the memories of Jena and Sameer’s multicultural wedding, we were honoured; then anxious; then terrified; then, ultimately, rewarded with the gratifying pleasure of documenting a beautiful union of two wonderful families. Even though Charmi was tasked with recommending the photographers who’d shoulder this responsibility, Jena and Sameer and every one of their family members welcomed us right in like trusted friends. We were humbled, start to finish, by their unfettered love for one another, and oblivious trust in us to commemorate it.

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Silhouette of newly-wed couple under the leaves of weeping trees.
Bride prepares for her wedding with the reflection of a high-rise building.
Wedding gown on a chair.
Bride does her eyebrow makeup.
Little girl walks toward bride as she has her hair done.
Little girl sits on bride's lap as she gets ready.
Woman hangs up "Just Married" decoration.
Bride's reflection as she has her hair done.
Man inspects his glasses.
Man cleans his glasses.
Woman puts on bright lipstick.
Man carefully shaves his head.
Dimly-lit by two lamps, a man shaves his head.
Groom prepares and gets dressed before the wedding.
Ladies get ready for the wedding.
Young boy watches as women adjust the bride's wedding veil.
Bridesmaids steam wrinkles out of wedding veil.
Groom hugs his mother before the wedding ceremony.
Beaming bride walks with her father at the wedding ceremony.
Wedding ceremony with the reflection of sky and trees.
Bride and groom smile during exchange of rings.
Wedding guests cheer as newly-wed couple share their first kiss.
Groom's back as he kisses the bride.
Bride and groom laugh as they walk together holding hands.
Silhouette of couple at the top of a staircase.
Two women dance at the wedding reception.
Bride hugs man as the band plays in the background.
Bride dances with woman at the wedding reception.
Bride and bridesmaid hug a woman.
Party guests watch as groom dances with his mother.
Men having a good time at the wedding reception.
Busting out the moves at the wedding reception.
Women dance and pose on the dance floor.
Weddings guests dance.
Wedding guest dances with his arms around two other guests.
Bride having a good time at her wedding reception.
Confetti flies as the newly-wed couple walk down the aisle.

Lyndsay & Preston & Jason’s Wedding in British Columbia

Freewill is an illusion. Or it’s not. Either way, strange and mysterious forces are at work beyond our wildest comprehension.

Case in point, the miraculous entanglement of external and internal forces that willed Lyndsay and Jason’s lives together (and Erika and mine somehow into that mix). Imagine the labyrinthine brew of coincidences that conspired to compel Lyndsay and Jason to mutually, fatefully swipe right. Or the chronic dating mishaps and near-misses that must have transpired to leave Jason, despite relentless efforts, conspicuously single after 35 years of bachelorhood (to say nothing of Lyndsay’s perplexing eligibility).

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Silhouetted couple hold hands as rays of dawn shine through.
Phone photographs bride and her makeup.
Man and his reflection as he applies shaving cream.
Bride and women embrace.
Bride and bridesmaids in matching bathrobes laugh together.
Bride and women make funny faces.
Boy puts on his socks while a man looks through his closet.
Man helps child dress.
Man puts on socks with his face on them.
Bride wipes away tears while reading a congratulatory card.
Boy buttons up his dress shirt.
Bride and women laugh while looking at a phone.
Boy and man button their shirts together.
Groom and shadowy reflections of him as he does his hair.
Bride covers her breasts as the wedding dress is brought to her.
Bride wipes away her underarm sweat.
Man helps boy do his hair.
Boy sees his mother in her wedding dress for the first time.
Boy holds his mother's hands as they share a moment before the wedding.
Boy and mother rub noses before the mother's wedding.
Boy dances with his mother as bridesmaids laugh.
Boy follows bride down stairs.
Boy relaxes on the stairs while bride helps man put on a corsage.
Photographers capture the moment the groom sees the bride for the first time.
Groom lets out a big smile when he sees the bride.
Bride and groom kiss.
Bride wraps her arms around her betrothed.
Groomsmen stand on a balcony above friends and family below.
Wedding couple and guests compete in wheelbarrow race.
Bridesmaid comforts flower girl.
Groom offers a fist bump to flower girl in the front row.
Bride accompanied by her father with bridesmaids in the foreground.
Bride jokes with her son before the wedding ceremony.
Bride and her son laugh together.
Bride reads her vows.
Sky and trees are reflected on a couple's wedding ceremony.
Bride, groom, and wedding officiator laugh together.
Mixed reactions at the wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom share their first kiss.
Friends and family look as the bride and groom share their first kiss.
Bride and groom hold one another.
Friends embrace the bride.
Women hugs the bride.
Boy is tired and bored at the wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom walk into the clouds together.
Newly-wed couple smile together.
Groom holds the bride in a grove of evergreen trees.
Bride and groom look into each others' eyes.
Newly-wed couple stand on a hilltop.
Man delivers speech to bride, groom, and a boy.
Newly-wed couple share their first dance as bridesmaids and groomsmen watch.
Women wipes away tears and man looks intently during wedding reception.
Bride shares a dance with her father.
Boy reaches out his hands during the groom's wedding toss.
Bridesmaid dances with a boy.
Young girl is surrounded by weddings guests having drinks.
Bride's dress is illuminated by the vibrant lights of the dance floor.
Wedding guests play limbo.
Bridesmaid dances at the wedding reception.
Wedding guests bust out their moves.
Boy sits on a bridesmaid during the wedding reception.
Boy sits on the groom's shoulders during a dance.
Bridesmaid does the limbo.
Women struggles to make it under a makeshift limbo bar.
Piggyback rides at the wedding reception.
Man dances surrounded by his friends and family.
Girl waves her jacket as she dances.
Bride rides on her friend's back at the wedding reception.
Bride dances as she rides on her friend's back at the wedding reception.
Girl waves her arms and jacket as she dances at the wedding reception.
Bride, groom, and groomsmen hold a dildo on the wedding dance floor.
Everyone is dancing at the wedding reception.
Party guests ride on each others' backs.
Two party guests dance together.
Groom is lifted above the party crowd on a chair.
Closed eyes, just vibes.
Piggy back rides at the wedding reception.
Bride's dress flows as she dances at her wedding reception.
Men have fun on the dance floor.
Women piggy back on the men at the wedding reception.
Wedding guest doing handstand as onlookers watch.
Time to sleep after the wedding reception.
Bride and groom embrace under the stars.

Madeleine and Katie’s Wedding in Calgary, Alberta

Drake the Cat knew something was up. There was a special energy in his cute little home that morning. Not only were Madeleine and Katie spending an inordinate amount of time getting ready (as in, any amount greater than probably 60 seconds), but four peculiar humans had descended upon his territory; two armed with hair and makeup brushes (Blush and Coco), and two with cameras and lenses (Erika and me). But Drake was cool with it, because Madeleine and Katie were cool with it. More than cool with it, they were beaming.

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Newlyweds embracing each other with background of remote mountains
A wedding couple have their makeup and hair done in separate rooms
Woman prepares for her wedding as her cat sits nearby
Pink boots frame a woman getting her hair done
Wedding couple are seen in separate reflection on cosmetics mirrors
Hairstylist does a woman's hair to the background of a large tree
Smiling wedding couple in front of a laptop
Woman puts a bracelet on her partner's arm before wedding ceremony
A wedding couple sit on their porch steps in front of their home
Woman giver her partner a peck on the cheek in a hammock
A wedding couple lying in a hammock
A couple kiss in front of the guests at their wedding ceremony
A wedding couple hold each other and laugh together
A wedding couple walk down the aisle hand in hand
A little girl at a wedding ceremony
Silhouette of newlyweds embracing each other surrounded by trees
Wedding couple kissing each other
A wedding couple standing on top of a mountain under a cloudy sky
A wedding couple listen happily to a guest's speech at reception party
Wedding couple hug their friends
A wedding couple listen to a a toast at reception party
A wedding couple look at each other while a friend makes a toast at their reception party
A wedding couple looks up at a friend who makes a toast at reception party
Newlyweds' first dance
Wedding guests hit the dance floor
Friends enjoy themselves dancing at a wedding reception party
A dancing man and shadows of other wedding guests on the dance floor
Two girls dance excitedly at a wedding reception party
A wedding guest hits the dance floor with reflection of shadows of other guests
Woman guests watching a man do the limbo at a wedding reception party
Partygoers do the limbo on the dance floor
A man looks at a woman while she has a drink straight from the bottle
Woman shows off her dance moves at a wedding reception party
Friends look in awe as woman performs backflip on the dance floor
Silhouette of wedding couple holding and looking at each other with background of mountains

Krystal & Trevor’s Wedding on Planet Earth

Before plunging wholly into anything – love, marriage, sparkling turquoise water – one should consider the depths, or shallows, of what lurks beneath the shimmering surface. Were that advice rocket science, Krystal’s calculations would have been impeccable. But alas, rocket science has little to do with impulsive matters of the heart and soul. Particularly, when emboldened by friends, with spiked coffee kicking in, and the Caribbean sun sparkling off a tantalizing infinity pool with a narrow parapet calling out for an inverted, split-leg handstand. Krystal executed flawlessly. A perfect T of poised muscular tension, as symmetrical as planetary orbit. Athletic, gymnastic poetry. For a moment, time and gravity stood still. Of course, like the bonafide rocket scientist she is (astrobiologist turned photographer, technically), Krystal had a plan for controlled atmospheric reentry, decent, and landing. She would splashdown into the waters behind her like a reentry capsule off the shores of Cape Canaveral. What could possibly go wrong… apart from everything?

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Three pairs of men and women walking under a starry night sky
A woman performs a handstand by the pool at Luxury Cayman Villas
Scraped purple toenails of a woman
A couple kiss each other by the pool at Luxury Cayman Villas
A bride snuggles up to her dad before wedding ceremony
A man relaxes floating in the swimming pool
A man relaxes on a hammock
A woman plays games with her friends
Man laughs as woman facepalms
A bride and her hanging wedding dress with their reflection
Bride in the shower with a reflection of tropical leaves on her body
A bride looks out the window towards the Caribbean Ocean while taking a shower
A bride takes a shower with a reflection of her body in a mirror
A bride applies band aids on her scraped toes
A man takes a shower with reflection of his body in the mirror
Man is seen washing his face from the reflection of a mirror splashed with water
Men tie their ties before the wedding ceremony
Bride hugs her mother
Newlyweds share a toast with their guests
Emotional bridesmaids meet with the bride
A bride chats with her emotional friends
Happy father of a bride holds his daughter by the shoulder
Father of the bride gives a speech with newlyweds looking at him happily during a wedding ceremony
Bridesmaids hold hands at wedding ceremony
Parents of the groom at wedding ceremony
Friends and family at a wedding ceremony
Bride and groom kiss each other in front of friends and family at wedding ceremony
Happy bride hugs her friend
Photographers and videographers lay beachside to capture a group wedding photo
Bride and groom stand hand in hand with foreground of tropical trees
Silhouette of bride and groom looking at each other's face with foreground of leaves
A groom embraces bride in a tropical forest at night
Silhouette of bride and groom standing seaside holding each other's hand while their friends swim in the water at sunset
Bride and groom embrace each other in a grassy field
Silhouette of newlyweds embracing each other at the entrance of a cave
Bridesmaids welcome the newlyweds at reception party
A bride hugs her friends at a reception party
Bride and groom share their first dance with friends and family
Bride and groom's first dance under sparkling lights
A senior man at wedding reception party
A bride dances with her father at reception party
A bride hugs her dad at a wedding reception party
Wedding guests hit the dance floor amidst sparkling lights and reflections in water
Silhouette of wedding guests dancing at wedding reception party
Wedding guests dance happily at a wedding reception party
A man and a woman dancing at a wedding reception party
A bride dances happily with a friend at reception party
A man holds a woman up while dancing at a wedding reception party
A bride dancing with friends at reception party
A man dances happily at a wedding reception party
A bride and friends dancing at reception party
Wedding guests lose themselves in dance at a wedding reception party
A man and a woman make swaying movements back to back at a wedding reception party
A man and a woman with swimsuits hit the dance floor at a wedding reception party
Newlyweds and friends dance in a circle at wedding reception party
A bride and friends dance together at reception party
Wedding guests jumping into the pool at reception party
Wedding guests dance in the swimming pool
Nude newlyweds standing hand in hand on a beach under starry night sky and the moons of Jupiter

Alumni Reunion Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

Somehow, over the course of 6 wild years and 30+ workshops on 6 continents, we’ve spawned a community of 433 (and counting) cherished workshop alumni… world class professional photographers from 35 countries on 6 continents… all of whom have trusted and shared in our 3-day workshop experience… all of whom have become part of our chosen photographic family… none of whom we’ll ever forget. The experiences we’ve shared with these spectacular humans at METANOIA (and Balls Out) workshops around the globe has inspired us beyond words, shaped us as humans, built this international community and gifted us lifelong friendships the world over. For this, we are forever grateful and always missing our friends.

After each and every workshop, we’ve had the same dream… to one day host a legendary alumni reunion in an extraordinary location. A chance to reconnect, re-inspire and celebrate with as many of these spectacular humans as possible. At long last, this year, that dream finally became a reality! Not a workshop, but a gathering of friends… an invigorating retreat… a celebration life… what transpired is hard to put into words, and perhaps best left swirling around inside our hearts and minds as feelings without words. But here are some beautiful ones that hint at the magic…

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Alumni joyfully jump into pool together
Friends look intently during workshop reunion
Man falls backwards into infinity pool
Man takes a shower with water hitting his back
A couple with their son and daughter stand hand in hand between water and sky
Young lady dives into a pool
Aerial view of a man lying on a tennis court across from a float
Man looks up at a waterfall
A man's muddy feet and flip flops
Man holds a woman at the bottom of a swimming pool
Two men enjoy leisure time under the clear sky while one takes a sip
Reflection of a man jumping into the water is seen on a man's sunglasses
Man looks down into the water as a woman holds her breath
Man jumps onto a whale pool float in an infinity pool that extends to the oceans of Bali, Indonesia
Man swims at the bottom of a pool
Two men talking over drinks
Man takes a meditative pose among the chaos of splashing water
A woman's emotional face
Man sits against a door as light blurs around him
Wet footprint left on a stone slab
Man and women sit and drink at the bottom of a pool
Side by side portraits of couple
People watch ceremony of a man sitting inside a ring of fire

Kelly & Leif’s Vow Renewal in Bali, Indonesia

Among infinite random occurrences that conspired to bring these photos into existence, two of the more critical and obvious happened 5 years ago. First and foremost, Kelly and Leif got married at River Music Experience in Davenport, IA. Coincidentally, many miles away, Erika and I were diving into our very first wedding photography workshop… embarrassingly named Balls Out!

Its was 2014. Kelly and Leif had began their storied adventures in married life together. Erika and I unintentionally began our adventures in photography education. These two seemingly unrelated paths were just that. Until, that is, Erika and I announced our 2019 Metanoia Workshop in Bali, Indonesia. Within 2 hours, it had filled up entirely with 12 professional photographers from 7 countries on 3 continents. Kelly, a rocking Quad City wedding photographer, was one of them.

A few weeks later, we received this e-mail from Kelly:

“Hey Guys! Our 5 year wedding anniversary is March 1 & we plan to do a very informal vow renewal while in Bali for your workshop. When we got married in 2014, I had my dad do my photos and took self portraits because we were broke… so if you guys can do this, I want to do it! Date and time are totally flexible – I am thinking 2 hours or something… we only plan to read each other letters in some pretty location with portraits afterwards. Just us. 🙂 Let me know a quote or if this is even possible!!”

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A couple stand seaside with a foreground of the sky and clouds
Woman lies in a floral bathtub with her dress hanging beside it
Aerial view of a man taking a shower under a tree
Woman sticks her legs out of a bathtub filled with flowers
Woman has her picture taken by a phone
Man styles his hair in front of a mirror
Woman does her hair in front of a mirror with her dress hanging beside her
A bra is handed to a woman as she puts on her dress
Man stretches in front of a mirror
Woman puts on feet jewelry
Man with a wreath gives a thumb up as he covers his own eyes
A couple stand side by side laughing
A couple kiss as workshop attendees photograph and look on
Silhouette of a couple looking at each other by the sea with foreground of tropical trees
Friends and workshop attendees witness vow renewal of a couple in Bali, Indonesia
A couple kiss each other holding hands by the sea
A couple walk hand in hand along the beaches of Bali, Indonesia
Woman with holds her dress as she walks onto the beach
Silhouette of a couple walking hand in hand by the sea with reflection on the ground
Woman's feet covered with sand on the beach
Couple walk hand in hand in Bali in the evening
A happy couple stand together sharing laughter by the sea
Silhouette of a couple walking hand in hand with a foreground of the shadows of tropical trees at dusk